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Website User Issues

Thanks Tom--we haven't updated the site yet so the same old problems should be persisting still. Our developer has the new build ready, but I actually wasn't ready to implement it due to my travels this week.  Rob and I are previewing the build soon (likely tomorrow) and pending revisions etc. it will be live within days. I'll post an announcement on twitter and patreon when it's live.

Looks like Wednesday fyi

FYI... the forum posts window covers the text of the articles so that they are not readable.

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Darius Miles ForeverLucas Hann

Thanks Shep, this is obviously a new problem, I'm going to try and see if I can make a hot fix for it myself since we're moving on to the new build in a few days anyway. I might just take the forum out of the sidebar altogether.

I made a temporary fix by moving the sidebar content below the comments on the articles, so the article takes up the full screen and you can access Latest News and Recent Forum Posts by scrolling below the comments section. Obviously this isn't an ideal layout but it will make the articles readable while we wait for the full rebuild to launch (either Tuesday or Wednesday). If you are viewing an article where the sidebar is still present, refresh your browser as you're viewing a cached version of the post and need to refresh to retrieve the most recent version from the site. UX feedback

Chrome on laptop, phone


LAPTOP 7/10/20

Click red “Login” button (should be “Log in”)

In “Username” field (should be “User name”), enter user ID

In “Password” field, enter password (can’t automatically import from password manager; when left field to copy password from password manager, message “Please complete all required fields!” appears; suggest friendlier “Please complete all fields”)

Check “Remember Me” (should be “Remember me”)

Check “I’m not a robot”

Click purple “LOG IN” button


Red “Login” button still says “Login”


Click red “Login” button

Button changes to “Logout” (should say “Log out”)

Message “Hello [my name], you’re logged in as [my user name]” displays

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Lucas Hann

Thanks, we're aware of persisting login/comment issues.

Let me walk through what's happens to me on a test run:

I open the 213Hoops home page.  I click the red "Login" button.

I enter all my stuff, as you said. My password manager imports my password in both safari and chrome.

I click the "Log In" at the bottom. I am taken back to the home page, but appear to not be logged in. There is no WP welcome bar at the top, and the "Login" button is still there instead of the "Logout" button.

I refresh the page.  Nothing changes. (On some other test runs, I have noticed refreshing makes the WP welcome bar at the top appear and loads a "Logout" button instead of the "Login" button.)

I click on the first article. When it loads, I have the WP welcome bar and the "Logout" button. I am able to comment. (On some other test runs, the first article has not loaded this way and has instead presented as if I am not logged in. Sometimes, refreshing loads the article properly. Sometimes, logging in via the "you must be logged in to comment" message in the comments section works better than the "Login" button. Sometimes, neither of these things works, but the page will work right when I check back later in the day.)

I click back to the homepage via the site logo in the top left.  Still, it shows as if I am not logged in. Again, refreshing does nothing.

I click on the second article.  It loads correctly first try.

I click on the "next post" button. The third article loads correctly first try.

I click back to the homepage via the site logo in the top left. It still shows as if I am logged out.

I test each of the top dozen articles in the story grid. Each article loads correctly and allows me to comment. Each trip back to the home page, I get the same incorrect home page. (On some test runs, an article here or there may load incorrectly; as with the top story above, sometimes a refresh fixes, sometimes the comment login fixes, sometimes it can't be fixed but starts working again later.)

--End Test Run--

This test (the first I have run today) is consistent with the dozen or so I ran yesterday on both my account in Safari and a test account in Chrome, including one test in Chrome on another computer. I have not conducted a mobile test.

My hypothesis is that the primary issue at play here is a visual bug where the home page is not loading the proper "logged in" variant when you return from the Login page. The user is still technically logged in to the server as they are able to carry their logged in status with them when the click on to an article page and leave a comment.

The second, more confusing bug is the seemingly random cases when article pages fail to reflect that a user should be logged in. This happens in a low but notable percentage of cases (perhaps 5-10%) but is random--one article will fail on my main account but work when I try it on my test account, and later that article will work for both accounts but an article that had been working will fail on my test account. Frequently, just refreshing fixes the problem, but sometimes I get stuck and no matter how many times I click log in, log in, and navigate back to the page I am never able to comment--until a few hours later when I run another test and it has started working again.

I have notified our web developer of both of these bugs and he is investigating. The good news is that following this week's update, the login system again has some level of functionality--for a while it was basically impossible to ever get/stay logged in to the site. Now we just have to fix the home page problem and chase down the remaining bugs.

Thank you LDFPS and others who have given detailed feedback on your own test runs.  These sort of elusive issues are best tackled when we know more about them, which is massively facilitated by having more people spending more time trying to use the site and noticing/reporting the issues as they encounter them (which is why I've been driving myself mad running tests since the update to collect data points).  If you believe you are noticing issues that are inconsistent with the test run/hypothesis I have detailed here, please let me know.

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lying dog-faced pony soldier

Well I was finally able to log in. But I see that my avatar, which shows quite properly in my profile, does not carry over anywhere else. 

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Lucas Hannlying dog-faced pony soldier

Hey Vicki, I went into your profile on the back end to see if there was anything I could adjust, but I don't see any image uploaded for you besides the default avatar.  Can you tell me where on the site you uploaded your desired avatar?  Then I can test with my test account and see what I can find out.

@vickinish - I only see the default avatar when I view your profile in the forum as well.  I see a new DeAndre Jordan image in the site uploads from today, but it isn't associated with your account.  Is that the image you selected?

of course it is, DJ is still my guy. I uploaded it from within my profile and it shows very nicely there. 

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Lucas Hannlying dog-faced pony soldier

For you, a custom fix. 🙂

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lying dog-faced pony soldier

thanks Lucas. That picture was from the night our rep gave us court side seats. Those were the days!

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Lucas Hannlying dog-faced pony soldier

Hi everyone,

I made some changes to how our web hosting is structured and the site is currently keeping me logged in about 99% of the time on both my main account in Safari and my test account in Chrome.  I am hoping that the lingering rare issues are due to older versions of the pages saved in my local cache--I would recommend clearing your web history and cache and then attempting to browse the site.  If a page does not load properly the first time, just click refresh and it should nudge the page forward towards the current, working version.

I have also had success leaving test comments from my phone in Safari, though I do not normally use the site on mobile so any input from someone who does would be appreciated.

Let me know if we encounter further problems.

This is from iPhone. Was still logged in from iPad use. 

let the season begin!

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lying dog-faced pony soldier


At this time, all is working well for me on mobile.

Yes!  That is wonderful to hear.  Hopefully this is finally behind us.

Chrome on laptop: Opened random posts/articles throughout the site under all tab headings, no issues encountered. Able to log in/out at will.

Amazing!  Thank you for reporting back.  Rob and I have both had no issues as well, since about noon Saturday when I implemented the changes to our hosting.  I do not want to get ahead of ourselves as I believe the feature I disabled may have one function that the site needs long-term, so we may still have to find an alternative supplier for that function and test its compatibility with the build.  I am waiting to hear back from our dev to confirm.  But if we either don't need that function or find an easy provider, I think this might all be behind us.

(Please forgive me if this has been posted before ...)

The Next and Previous links at the bottom of posts are reversed. Next should point to the next post chronologically; Previous to the previous one.

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Lucas Hann