Our Mission

Welcome to 213Hoops, an independent home for Clippers fans. No corporate overlords. No paywall. Just the best Clippers content around from some of your favorite writers, and a place for a community of Clippers diehards to congregate and talk about basketball. We hope you’ll enjoy our articles and podcasts, and join our robust community in the comments section and forum.

About Us

In 2006, Steve Perrin (ClipperSteve) started the well-known Clippers blog Clips Nation, and along with Kevin Arnovitz’s ClipperBlog set the groundwork for a now wide-ranging network of Clippers websites, podcasts, and twitter accounts. In 2011, Steve added then-15-year-old Lucas Hann to the Clips Nation staff, and in summer 2015 Lucas took over Clips Nation when Steve was ready to stop running the site full-time. In 2018, longtime contributor Robert Flom stepped into the role of co-editor alongside Lucas, and after several successful years working together, the two left Vox Media and started their own Clippers site, 213Hoops. The new site features a full staff of excellent Clippers writers, some of whom Lucas and Robert worked with prior and some of whom are new members of our Clippers family. Notably, ClipperSteve has also returned to the Clippers blogging game to contribute to the new site.

Our Staff


Lucas Hann

Robert Flom


Steve Perrin

Cole Huff

Sanjesh Singh

Vijay Vemu

Michelle Uzeta

Chris Murch

Thomas Wood

Erik Olsgaard

Shapan Debnath

Kenneth Armstrong

Joey Linn

Taylor Smith

Adam Horowitz

Niels Pineda

Founding Community Members

As Lucas, Robert, and the rest of the staff prepared to make the jump from Vox Media to their own independent venture, they required significant support from the community of readers, listeners, followers, and commenters that they had built over the years in order to fund the start-up costs for a new site. Ongoing reader support is crucial to the sustainability of 213Hoops, so we hope if you love the site you’ll consider supporting our Patreon. In this section, we thank the members of our Clippers family whose labor, advice, and support was necessary to make 213Hoops a reality. Without their help, this site would have never been possible.

Barry Appell, John Mikhail, Garrett Lerner, Tyler Kenney, Carlos Machado, James McIntosh, John Sun, Alex Siskin, Eighty Five Creative, Johnny Walker, Andrew Opilas, Yagnesh Vadgama, Richard Moon, Niran Somasundaram, Joey’s Smokin’ BBQ, Steve Perrin, Niels Pineda, Chester Ng, ‘Twistedwrister’, Daniel Schwerdtfeger, Chris Escarra, Meg Smith, David Hong, Lucas Hann, Jesse Beer, Anthony Garcia, Rob Diaz, Jared Brenner, Charlie Fu, Joon Park, Adam Horowitz, Robert Flom, Cristela Alonzo