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Clippers vs Celtics

Who you got winning tonight?
Clippers in a close game
Clippers in a blowout
Celtics in who cares a loss is a loss

That’s the way to remind your teammates that you exist

When Mook gets the offensive rebound, he gets rewarded. BINGO!!!!!!!

What kind of out of timeout play call was that? Ughhhhhhhhh smh


We've had too many chances to take the lead in this game. LET'S GO DEFENSE!!! 

Coffey with the smart foul.


LET'S GO CLIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Shit that was a good look by Kemba.

How the heck does TNT not show the start to overtime? 

Tired legs usually mean missed FTs.

I feel like i've seen this story where Doc plays Trez 20 minutes straight and he misses free throws down the end. Ugh. Let's go Clips, this game is ours for the taking.

Lol @ Tatum MVP chants.  Then brick...


Mook saving our ass again!

PNR and installed of Lou passing to Mook he gets it to a well covered Kawhi for a bad runner...

Have we passed more than twice on offense this whole game?  Enough hero ball...

I know Kawhi has 2 big airballs and a turnover on clutch plays this game, and Mook has made 2 clutch 3's. It's a bizarro but exciting game.

I want Mook or Shamet shooting the 3.

Kawhi can't make anything in overtime.

SHAM3T!!!!!!!!!!~ EFF YOU REFS!