After a couple weeks of bad Clippers news, with players seemingly leaving the NBA restart bubble in droves, good news is here at last, as Ivica Zubac arrived in Orlando last night, per Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

If Zu gets through his two-day quarantine with no issues, he’d be free to join the team Sunday night. The Clippers do have a scrimmage Monday afternoon, which Zu could technically play in, but considering he won’t have practiced with the team at all before then, it seems unlikely.

However, this does mean that barring a positive test for COVID-19, Zu should be available for the Clippers’ first seeding game against the Lakers on Thursday night. This is a big deal. Not only are the Lakers the Clippers’ primary rival in the Western Conference, but they are also one of the biggest teams in the NBA, which means the Clippers would be at a huge disadvantage without their full complement of big men. Zu’s presence will be very nice to have against Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard, though it will be a tough first game from him after months off.

With Marcus Morris back with the Clips, and Montrezl Harrell reportedly on his way back too, the Clippers are finally starting to regain their strength. This is really not a moment too soon, as not only are the seeding games important (the Clippers would be very wise to not drop below 3), but building up some chemistry before the playoffs would be great.

In the short term, the news that Ivica Zubac arrived in Orlando means he should reclaim his spot as the Clippers’ starting center sooner than later. Hopefully he’s in shape and somewhat ready to go, because he will be needed very, very soon. It will be good to have the big guy back around.

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