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Clippers vs Kings game thread

Besides Kawhi... who will lead the team in points?
Lou Williams
Montrezl Harrell
Marcus Morris

Another thing is I’m not sure why we traded for Morris is we aren’t going to utilize him at all on offense. All the kick outs to Shamet for 3 but almost never see us kick it out to Morris. They way we are using him we’d have been better off with Mo... also he finished a team worst -11. Team was much better with JMike in there.

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I’ve noticed for a while now, and maybe this is an invalid observation, so correct me if I’m wrong, but Kawhi Leonard is not the most willing passer. He is however, a good passer and he racks up assists every game because he WILL hit an open man, especially the man open from defenses converging onto him for the double or triple-team. What I am trying to get at is Kawhi doesn’t seem to want to move the ball unless the guys around him are moving withOUT the rock - cutting to the basket/getting to their spots etc. 

This is why i was reluctant for us trading Mo (aside from his defense) was one of our only guys who would make timely cuts to the basket, often bailing out one or two poor offensive possessions per game. Which, for this Clippers team and Doc’s iso heavy, two-man pick n roll, rinse & repeat offense (with zero greater creativity to it) was very important due to the recurrent strings of stale  offensive possessions the team will have every game. This seems to also be why Kawhi has some nice dimes to Zu (because he is one of our more active w/o the ball, cuts to the basket players). 

We need to see more movement and more ball sharing/passing on offense period for the team to build some trust and chemistry together. What weve seen with the lack of touches some guys are getting is they fall out of focus and out of rhythm both offensively and defensively by the time the game’s most crucial mins arrive. 

This is why Morris may do nothing for us. He doesnt move without the ball. He rarely passes. And he certainly plays worse D than Mo did




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You're not wrong, but I don't think Moe gets a ton of minutes in the playoffs so his occasional cutting wouldn't be a huge asset.  Guys clearly still don't know how to play off Kawhi, which kinda makes sense considering we've fielded a hundred lineups this season.

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