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Clippers vs Kings game thread

Besides Kawhi... who will lead the team in points?
Lou Williams
Montrezl Harrell
Marcus Morris

No Paul George or Patrick Beverly for this one, but we do have Reggie Jackson ready to go for his first game with us.

I like this starting lineup where we plug Shamet in for missing PG13 and Reggie in for missing Bev. Playing subs at their true positions versus past patchwork lineups where we forced Lou to be a starting point guard. 

Excited to see how this works out. But expecting a good showing.

I'm excited to see Reggie start. Hopefully him and Shamet can get some good chemistry going together cause when Beverley & PG13 return they'll be playing together with the bench, and if they can get good chemistry like Lou & Trez have together, that can only make the bench that much better. 

it's only going to get better after Reggie's first shot. 

I can't wait until we have our own arena and can not have these day games cause they are just ugly and sloppy to start. I mean 1/10 is worse than bad, but fortunately the Kings are shooting bad too.

1-9 from the field. Need to shake the rust off!... but at least we’re playing good D to prevent things for getting to put off hand... and the offense has actually been decent in terms of ball movement. Getting nice open looks but guys are just rusty and not knocking them down.

1-14 wow. And all good looks. Someone take the lid off our basket!

at least when we were missing shots earlier at least our defense was holding SAC in check. Now since Lou came in we’re still ice cold shooting but now we’re giving up easy baskets on the other side. If we’re not careful we could let this game get out of reach.

Well I'm glad that quarter is over, maybe now we can score. Lou & Trez look ready to fight. 

Worst offensive output in a quarter for the season. Very to only be down 12, as with 4/24 shooting it could easily have been game over by now. Despite the cold shooting really liked how the team looked with Reggie out there. Things got considerably worse when Lou came on the floor.

19% shooting and 9 TOs... its a miracle we’re only down 11.

The bench still struggling to contain on defense 

Just started watching - doesn't sound like I've missed much so far

Really getting tired of seeing Lou Williams on the court. He’s a -14 and the team just looks terrible on both ends when he’s out there.

to be fair the entire team looks terrible out there, but i hear ya

Quote from wwshep on February 22, 2020, 1:30 pm

Really getting tired of seeing Lou Williams on the court. He’s a -14 and the team just looks terrible on both ends when he’s out there.

Shamet picked a bad time to get into foul trouble 🙁

time to get it in single digits before the half, then actually play Clippers basketball in the 2nd half

SAC going after Lou on every offensive possession. That’s what teams are going to do to us in the playoffs.

Wow we are not shooting well in the first half at all!

It will be nice when we have our own arena n don't have to play games at noon.

nice final 2 minutes. Gotta keep that momentum going in the 2nd half. down 6 and shooting this bad is not terrible.