Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, point guard Reggie Jackson will shortly come to a buyout agreement with the Detroit Pistons, and will then sign with the LA Clippers. Jackson has been rumored for a buyout for a couple weeks (since the trade deadline), and was a logical fit with the Clippers due to Pat Beverley’s injury.

Jackson has been a starter for the past five years in Detroit, but has mostly disappointed as a starting point guard due to his injuries, inconsistent shooting, and lack of defense. Still, he’s a capable ballhandler and scorer who can get an offense into sets, and certainly able to help the Clippers run a basic offense until Beverley gets healthy.

To be clear, this is not a move for the playoffs. Jackson’s skillset is largely redundant next to Lou Williams, who does everything Jackson does, only better. When the Clippers are healthy, there won’t be many minutes for Jackson, except maybe spots here or there where they need more ball-handling or shot creation. However, until Pat Beverley (and Paul George) get healthy, the Clippers need those skills, and Jackson should be able to provide a modicum of that to help keep the Clippers afloat.

Jackson is close friends with Clippers superstar Paul George, and that was apparently a driving force behind his signing with the Clips. That is a good sign for locker room chemistry – Jackson has not always been a happy camper in previous stays, but he should be satisfied on a competitive team with one of his best friends.

In the end, this is probably not a huge move, but it will help the Clippers in the short term, and provide them with that much more depth in the playoffs.

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