Before the 2020 NBA season kicks off in full in Orlando on July 31, there will be a series of intra-squad scrimmages, with each team playing three games apiece. These contests will be between teams who are highly unlikely to face each other in the playoffs, and are therefore mostly interconference.

The Clippers have their own set of three games, which are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, July 22 against the Magic at 3:00 PM ET

Saturday, July 25 against the Wizards at 8:00 PM ET

Monday, July 27 against the Kings at 4:00 PM ET.

The Wizards and Magic are two of the weakest Eastern Conference teams in the restart, making a Finals run nigh impossible, and the Kings are scrapping for 8th in the Western Conference. Even if the Kings do make the playoffs, the Clippers themselves probably won’t make the 1st seed, so it’s very unlikely the two teams match up later.

Information regarding whether these games will be televised has not been released yet. They will likely be very low effort scrimmages focusing more on running plays and getting into rhythm than any actual competition, but for basketball-starved fans, even these games would draw some attention. If they will be available for viewing at all, we will be sure to watch them and provide typical game coverage.

With this update, Clippers basketball will officially return at some capacity in around 2.5 weeks – the season is really almost upon on us at last.