Two days ago, Woj broke the news that a member of the Clippers traveling party had tested positive for COVID19, forcing the closure of the Clippers’ practice facility. Not great, certainly.

Today, Shams Charania of The Athletic broke the news that Clippers guard Landry Shamet has tested positive for COVID-19, and won’t be traveling with the Clippers to Orlando this upcoming week.

First and foremost, we hope that Landry Shamet is doing well, and that he will make a complete recovery from this terrible illness. Second, hopefully he’s been careful in his interactions with others (Clippers-adjacent or otherwise), and has not spread the disease further.

As for how this will effect the Clippers – we really have no idea at this stage. The standard quarantine period for COVID-19 is two weeks, so assuming that Shamet tested positive today or yesterday, he will presumably be in isolation in Los Angeles until July 18 or so. That means he will miss most of the Clippers training camp in Orlando, at the very minimum. Depending on his recovery, and at what point he consistently tests negative for the disease, he might miss some of the Clippers’ early scrimmages as well.

Most NBA players who have tested positive for Coronavirus have shaken off the disease easily enough, but it’s an awful infection that has long-lasting consequences. Providing that Shamet does recover in time for Orlando, it’s still possible that his lung capacity or reduced, or that he will have lost weight and strength in the interim. Therefore, he might not be quite himself in Orlando, again presuming he does recover in time to play at all (which he should). If Landry does miss games, or is limited in minutes, that will probably open the door for Rodney McGruder to get more playing time than he might have otherwise.

Again, our best wishes to Landry Shamet on a swift and complete recovery from COVID-19. We will continue to update on this story as it develops in the coming days and weeks.