The Clippers arrived in Orlando for the NBA bubble restart a week and a half ago, but are not yet at full strength. To be more specific, Ivica Zubac, Landry Shamet, and Marcus Morris have all not checked in to the Disneyworld facilities yet. Here’s a quick Clippers status update on those guys and when we might see some action.

Coach Doc Rivers has been firm in his stance that he will not discuss players who have not arrived in the bubble yet, and reiterated that position today. Therefore, there’s been no official update on these players in a few days. Here’s what we can assume will happen with them, and when they might rejoin the team.

Ivica Zubac was reported to not have arrived in Orlando last week, and was scheduled to come “eventually”. Now, eventually is not a promising timeline, but it does indicate that nothing serious enough has happened to compromise his return to the season. Additionally, Joakim Noah keeps getting linked to Zu as a mentor in the bubble, and that probably wouldn’t keep happening if plans for Zu to participate weren’t in progress. It’s not clear what’s going on with him, but he should be on his way at some point.

Landry Shamet is the most clear-cut of the absent players. He was reported to have tested positive for COVID-19 nearly two weeks ago, and needs to pass multiple tests with a “negative” before he can travel to Orlando. However, two weeks is the usual quarantine period for Coronavirus, so if all is well, he could be cleared to head out in the next day or two. No setbacks have been reported, and he reported a video about clanking wine glasses “real soon” on Instagram yesterday, so all seems good to go for him.

The most mysterious case is that of Marcus Morris, on whom nothing has been reported or noted outside of his absence in the bubble. He hasn’t posted on Instagram since June 19th, though he has been somewhat active on Twitter in the past couple days. It’s unclear what has kept him from Orlando, though his staying in a hotel and not having been settled into Los Angeles due to arriving at the trade deadline could have increased his chances of infection. No updates have been given at all, but there’s also been nothing to suggest he will be ruled out of the bubble, so there’s every chance he will be on his way shortly as well.

We will continue to keep you posted with any other Clippers status updates over the coming days. Hopefully Zu, Shamet, and Morris can join the team soon – scrimmages are just a week away, and while those are effectively preseason contests, it would be helpful to have the full squad present for as much as possible.

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  • Avatar osamu6238 says:

    I saw Markieff had an “excused” absence and is expected to join the Lakers again “soon”. Given they’re both missing, I’m not sure if it’s safe to assume, but just feels like whatever reason Markieff had, probably affects Marcus too. Hopefully they both show up soon (and join the right team).

    • Avatar mlslaw1 says:

      Why all the mystery on Zu and Mook? Why can’t they just tweet out their status–they are public figures when alls said and done. Doc may not know but betting other FO guys know the scoop but are keeping mum. Same with regular old injuries during the season—many times we got very scant info. Are they worried that being fully transparent would give other teams and edge?

    • Robert Flom Robert Flom says:

      I would guess that both Kieff and Marcus had COVID, but that’s entirely speculations on my part.

      • Avatar osamu6238 says:

        I think Vogel brought up HIPAA early when asked about Markieff, which certainly would lean the conversation that way. And if Kieff had it, it wouldn’t be surprising for Marcus to have it too. Not sure if they ended up living together like the said when they both got to LA, but even if they don’t live together, I’m sure they spend a decent amount of time together.

  • Avatar mlslaw1 says:

    I’m just thinking that we have plenty of news about players who have tested positive–Landry, KD, Kyrie, Gobert and many others. No Hippa bar there. If they’ve got it, tell us. And, if they do, would be helpful to all of us to know about symptoms and how they think they may have gotten it.

  • Avatar osamu6238 says:

    I was watching some clips of Lakers practice and saw like Alex Caruso, Jared Dudley, Dion Waiters, Dwight, Quinn Cook, and some other guys. I was thinking, besides Kieff, who is missing from their squad that hasn’t shown up yet?

    Then I realized, nope, that’s just their team after AD and Lebron.

    • Lucas Hann Lucas Hann says:

      Lol–Dwight and JaVale have been legitimately good as a C tandem this year, and Danny Green is also a quality starter. There’s a place for Kuzma in the league but he’s not a good player on a contender right now. Beyond that… it’s rough.