The 2022 NBA Draft is tonight, which means it’s time for a last mock draft roundup of who the Clippers might take at 43. First, however, here is some basic information on the draft and how to watch it:

Where: Barclays Center, Brooklyn

When: 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT

How to Watch: ABC/ESPN

ESPN – Justin Lewis

After playing a key role off the bench in his freshman year, Lewis moved into a starting spot this past year and was fantastic for Marquette, placing on the Big East 1st Team and winning the Most Improved Player of the Year for the Conference. He shot 35% from three on decent volume, pulled in nearly 8 rebounds per game, and is a solid defender with a 6’7, 235 pound frame. There’s not a ton of creation probably, but there’s a chance he could be a nice 3 and D wing sooner than later in the NBA.

The Athletic – Dom Barlow

An Overtime Elite player, Dom Barlow is an intriguing prospect. A 6’9, rangy forward, Barlow averaged 14.8 points in 25 minutes per game while shooting efficiently from the floor. His three-point shot has improved over time (though he’s still a low volume shooter from deep), but overall he projects as a do-it-all forward with some upside. The floor is low (and we still have no idea what the Overtime Elite prospects look like) but some draft people really like him and there could be a high-ish ceiling.A

Sports Illustrated – David Roddy

Roddy is a junior guard from Colorado State who put up mammoth numbers his last two seasons in college. He’s not very athletic and is more of a smaller forward than a bigger guard, but he was a highly efficient scorer on high volume and has some playmaking chops in addition to excellent rebounding. The athleticism is a big concern on defense, especially, and there probably isn’t a ton of upside, but as a scoring bench option Roddy has some juice.

Bleacher Report – Jean Montero

Wasserman still has the Clippers taking Jean Montero, who I wrote about when I last did this roundup. I don’t have much else to add, except that after podding with Cole Huff on the last episode of TLTJTP, Montero’s competition is even worse than I previously thought. There’s talent there, but very little to go on.

The mock draft is all over the place, which isn’t shocking considering how late the Clippers are picking and therefore how many factors there are to who’s available at their pick. I don’t have super strong opinions on any of these guys – don’t love any of them, don’t hate any of them. Roddy is probably my favorite, followed by Barlow, but any of these picks would be ok in my book.

That about does it. Stay posted for the 2022 NBA Draft tonight and comment on the Clippers’ moves below.

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