The 2020 NBA Draft is tomorrow, so mock drafts are getting updated rapidly. We put out a mock draft roundup two days ago, but with many changes taking place, we decided to put out another roundup of players projected to the Clippers in the 2020 NBA Draft.

ESPN: Marko Simonovic, Big Man

I don’t know too much about Simonovic, but he’s ranked well below 57 on the Athletic and ESPN’s Big Boards. He put up big stats for a good European team (Mega Bemax, where Ivica Zubac played), but has limitations defensively and has only a handful of games this 2021 season with good three-point percentages. Seems like a mostly traditional pick-and-roll big offensively and a vertical rim protector on defense. Would probably be a draft and stash while he develops.

The Athletic: Kenyon Martin Jr., Power Forward/Wing

While Vecenie updated his draft board, he’s left Martin for the Clippers. Maybe he’s heard something about that pick, maybe he just likes the fit, or maybe there’s just not enough info for him to adjust.

Sports Illustrated: Mason Jones, Wing

Mason Jones is a guy I like quite a bit. He didn’t stand out too much in my statistical model due to his pedestrian freshman season, but he was a monster in his sophomore year at Arkansas (22 points, 5.5 rebounds, 3.4 assists per game on 61.4% TS), and clearly has a lot of talent. He was a transfer from a state college, so despite only being at Arkansas for two years he’s already 22.5. Additionally, his numbers were padded by huge free throw figures – which he certainly won’t get in the NBA. Only average (at best) athletically, Jones’ NBA prospects will depend on whether his shot is merely good, or if it can be better than that. He doesn’t have much upside, but could get buckets on a second unit almost as soon as he enters the league.

Bleacher Report: Sam Merrill, Wing

Merrill is probably my favorite realistic pick at 57, so it’s great that at least one mock had him projected there. Merrill is a dead-eye shooter, a very intelligent basketball player, and possesses enough size to defend most guards. His age and lack of top-tier athleticism makes him a low-ceiling pick, but the Clippers won’t find a guy who’s more likely to step onto an NBA court and contribute positive minutes at 57 than Merrill.

CBS: Naji Marshall, Wing

This pick is the same as last time as well, though talking to a couple people has raised my opinion of Naji a bit. He still wouldn’t be my top choice, but I think he’d be a fine pick.

Well, in this 2020 NBA Draft mock draft round, the Clippers were projected with three wings, a big, and a tweener forward (Martin), again indicating their interest in wings. It remains my prediction that if the Clippers pick a 57 they will take a wing, but would pick a point guard if they trade up.

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