Dr. Shap, Lucas Hann, and Robert Flom gather postgame to discuss the Clippers’ disappointing game 7 loss, capping off a disappointing series and disappointing season for a team that never found out how to be the best version of themselves.

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  • Avatar kylethepile says:

    Someone on twitter referred to PG as Playoff PP pants, why do I take this abuse

  • Avatar Peter Goul says:

    Agree with so many points raised in the podcast. Very true that we have no structured offense. So much talent is wasted as a result. Shamet was supposed to be the second coming of JJ, but with no off ball screens, Doc has done nothing to utilize his talent. For the most part, it’s just ISO ball. Kawhi and George can somewhat thrive since they are exceptional and can get to their spots, but everyone else (and even them to a degree) would be better served with greater ball movement, off ball screens, etc. So, personnel changes may be important but will mean nothing unless a true system is implemented and it’s customized to maximize each players’ skills.

    If Doc stays, he must change his approach.

    • Avatar chogokin says:

      “If Doc stays, he must change his approach.”

      At this point we sound like abused spouses. How many times have we said this, and how many times have we been burned? Not like we have any actual say in the matter, but I’ve completely given up on Doc as the coach who could lead the Clippers to a championship.

  • Avatar John Maclean says:

    The Nuggets are getting no respect again. Although Lebron is clearly a superior leader the Lakers have a lot of the same issues we do. AD hasn’t exactly proven to be clutch under pressure and they got a whole lot of crash test dummies on that bench too. I won’t be surprised if Murray averages 35 and If AD can’t blow the Joker up and dominate him what then?. Also, if MPJ takes another step forward how do the Lakers guard both him and Joker? If it’s Lebron on MPJ then who checks Murray? Caruso? Rondo? Green? I’m going to wait until AFTER game 2 to draw any conclusions.

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