Lucas Hann and Robert Flom of 213Hoops are joined by Charles Mockler of Locked on Clippers to discuss the upcoming Clippers scrimmages, breakdown the potential impact of Joakim Noah and the current departure of Montrezl Harrell, and review the seasons of the Clippers’ forwards, including the somewhat controversial Marcus Morris.

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  • Avatar chogokin says:

    Great work as always, guys. I’ll reserve judgment on Noah until we actually see him play in some games, but at first glance a 35-yr old coming off an Achilles injury taking away minutes from Zu doesn’t seem like a good idea…of course, it’s entirely possible (not likely, but possible) that Noah balls out and provides great hustle plays and proves to us that we should *want* him out there in crunch time, but the last thing we need is another Avery Bradley/Paul Pierce situation at C this year.

    Really hoping the Trez and Zu situations resolve safely and that they both come back soon.

    • Robert Flom Robert Flom says:

      Thanks! I think I’m a little less worried than Lucas about the Noah thing – if anything, I think the most likely bad scenario is Doc continuing to overplay Trez at the end of games, not Noah stealing all of Zu’s minutes.