Lucas and Shap are joined by Bill DiFilippo of Uproxx Sports to break down the Clippers-Nuggets second round playoff series and give their preview on the matchup. They discuss key points, such as the Clippers’ defense of Nikola Jokic and how the Nuggets might cover Kawhi Leonard, as well as more minor details that might swing the series one way or another. Finally, they answer Twitter questions and give their predictions for the series.

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One Comment

  • Avatar chogokin says:

    “If the Nuggets win a game in this series, it’s a Game 1 win, until they tire out”

    Portland sends their regards. Granted, the Blazers were tired *and* injured, whereas the Nuggets are mostly just tired. That game 7 between Utah and Denver, both of those teams looked GASSED. I think Denver wins at least one game from a freak performance from one of their role players (e.g. MPJ, Garry Harris, Mason friggin Plumlee), and another one where Murray/Jokic are just unstoppable offensively. I still think Clips in 6 though.