Lucas, Rob, and Shap discuss the Game 6 win by the Clippers that put away the pesky Mavs for good, focusing on the superstar showing by Kawhi Leonard and the breakout series from Ivica Zubac. They chat about broader takeaways from the series, including Montrezl Harrell’s struggles and Paul George’s confidence, and then look ahead to the second round of the playoffs. All that, Twitter questions, and more on this optimistic episode of TLTJTP.

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  • Avatar chogokin says:

    Re: the Clippers as villains – take a look at r/NBA on Reddit. It’s chock-full of Clippers hate. A TON of people hate Bev, MM, and PG13 – which, I understand actually. I don’t agree with it obviously, but I get it. Being hated is a new feeling though, and to me it just shows that the NBA world is actually finally taking the Clippers seriously.

    Also Luka is a lot of fun to watch when he’s playing. Not when he’s flopping, whining, and lobbying to the refs…which, sadly, is pretty much the entire time when he isn’t directly involved in a play. The only player who complains more is James Harden.

    • Robert Flom Robert Flom says:

      Yeah I think a lot of people don’t like the Clips, but the Mavs and Luka were also a favorite of casual fans. Think the Clippers won’t be nearly as hated in their next round.

      • lying dog-faced pony soldier lying dog-faced pony soldier says:

        That fan “hatred” varies by playoff round is an interesting thought. The word “hate” has been cheapened through overuse over the last few years. Everyone is “hating on” someone these days.