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"Pirates of LA" (Fan ART for Faith!!!)

Hey guys, hope you're staying safe.
Great wins on the road!!! Momentum is huge, so I'm sharing a Fan Artwork of the CLIPPERS:
Man, a whole LOT of effort, time and energy was put into this artwork. 🎨 It'd be a HUGE help if you could please help share it with any die-hard Clipper fans! 🏀So feel free to drop some RT (re-tweet) love. Your support is Very Much appreciated! Thanks, GO CLIPPERS!!

Can you find the Mavs logo hidden somewhere in this version?


This has been a 3-month labor of love: sparked by the inspired minds of several artists. A whole LOT of effort was put into this artwork... It'd be greatly appreciated, if you could RT on Twitter, so more die-hard NBA fans can see it:


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