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Bench On a QUEST
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April 6, 2020
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The “Bench On a QUEST” movement supports the Los Angeles Clippers bench of reserves. It encompasses a growing number of fans and affiliate supporter groups.
The vision of “Bench On a QUEST” is to unite all L.A. Clippers supporters, to create a dynamic and diverse in-arena active support environment and to establish an unrivaled advantage when our Los Angeles Clippers are on the court.
“Bench On a QUEST” exists to supplement the efforts of the L.A. Clippers supporters section (Section 114).
As an independent supporters union, we will create an unrivaled sporting culture for the Los Angeles Clippers. We will do this by inspiring and increased level of passionate support for LAC, providing a collaborative environment among the LAC faithful and with the organization, enabling participation in activities for LAC Supporters by organizing coordinating and directing active support for the community and the Los Angeles Clippers.
The “Bench On a QUEST” Movement was created in 2012 to provide the L.A. Clippers’ bench of reserves with a unique nickname. And also to unite all Clipper fans!! Born out of a passion, respect and admiration for the game and the athletes who make a difference – to the sport and the community.

Established: November 2012
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