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Clippers vs 76ers GAME THREAD



  • Afternoon start
  • Playing against the 76ers who consistently struggle on the road
  • The two All-Stars Embiid & Simmons both out due to injury


Let's hope that fully healthy Clips will show up and beat short-handed 76ers😤


It is also interesting as Tobias Harris is returning for the first time. He has to carry with Horford and Richardson as his helper.

clips have been very relaxed to start these early afternoon games.  Hopefully they come out swinging right at the bell.  Let’s go Clippers!!!!!

Next week is gonna be challenging with road games against OKC, HOU & LAL and we can't look ahead to it without putting these hurt Sixers out to pasture early. I fully expect Al Horford to break out of his slump, but for our Clips to exact revenge and put this one away before the 4th quarter. Let's go Clippers!

I know we've been spoiled as a fanbase recently, but we should expect the Clips to beat a Sixers team w/o its two best players.  I hope none of the guys stayed out too late on Saturday night...

Well this is not the defensive start to keep another team under a 100, but Philly can't miss. It'll go back to the norm and we'll wake up, hopefully. But sheesh, looking like a day game repeat so far.

gonna need our bench to whoop booty today.


Quote from ChrisD on March 1, 2020, 1:01 pm

gonna need our bench to whoop booty today.


The starters looked like they were sleepwalking out there

Defense was lacking in the 1st, but Philly also wasn't missing anything.  On the bright side the bench helped get us back into it 

R3ggie is such a blessing! If only we could  keep him next year too with our MLE or whatever we'll have. So good.

In the Playoffs, every teams can just decide to attack Zu at any point. It’s definitely a concern.

Quote from Diop on March 1, 2020, 1:09 pm

In the Playoffs, every teams can just decide to attack Zu at any point. It’s definitely a concern.

It's not as concerning as Lou or Trez's defense, not even close. Not Zu's best quarter, but come on.

Jesus Shake Milton channeling Steph Curry right now

Shooting clinic here by both teams. We just need to step up our defense and we got this. Entertaining game so far. Let's finish this quarter strong, pull away in the 3rd when Shake shakes it off, and then rest the starters. 

I can't understand why every opponent shoots 3s like Steph Curry, why opposing teams make everything, why Clippers don't play defense when they play AN AFTERNOON GAME or THE SECOND NIGHT OF A B2B.

ok now it's time to start worrying. smh. 🙁

Kawhi... cmon

Kawhi is killing us.. move the ball, stop being a black hole! 

What the hell are players and the coaching staffs doing? Why tf do they always play like shit in every afternoon game? 

Glad I wasn't fooled by the last three games. This is what the Clippers will always really be with Doc - a perennial underachiever. Don't even care if we win, this performance is shocking and inexcusable.