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Clippers v Grizzlies gamethread

Tonight the Clips...
avenge that horrible loss back in January by blowing out the short-handed Grizzlies
continue the theme of "we play when we feel like playing," but squeak out a close win
have a full-blown meltdown, lose the game tonight (who cares by how much), and have a players-only meeting shortly afterwards

Fun half.  I like the little curl for MM to get him a look at the FT line.  Keep it up!

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still fuzzy from all star break

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lol are we going to talk about the games live now?

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Wow we are destroying them. Keep up the great work Kawhi!!!! Montrez is doing good too

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The impact of having everyone healthy and the new additions means Lou and Trezz are finally pushed back to their role of solid bench players, who come in for short bursts. Trezz’s FG% looked like him from last year. With Reggie and Pat playing Lou can’t turn the ball over as much, and with limited minutes Trezz can actually use his main advantage of energy and hustle. With a bench of Reggie, Lou, Shamet, Green and Trezz the ball doesn’t stick in the hands of Lou and Trezz, and everybody is benefiting, especially Shamet who seemed to be used as an offensive threat tonight instead of just giving him the ball when they help off him. 

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Yeah! Shamet did have a good game with 13 points. Shamet is getting more comfortable with shooting. Lou and Trez aren't as tired. Doc could switch Lou and RJ with at point. I wish Doc can play Amir Coffey, Mfiondu Kabengele, Terrance Mann, and Jonathon Motley. Last time they played Grizzlies Amir got 5, Motley got 4. Mfiondu is actually in my opinion a ok three point shooter. What happened to Doc playing terrance mann? I understand we are trying to get that second or third seed, but since they most likely wont get playing time in the playoffs, play them in regular season and get them used to the NBA. 

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Doc allergic to playing rookies. Whenever he finally does, it’s like he has an allergic reaction that takes him another quarter of the season to ‘get over,’ before ever playing any of ‘em again. 

It’s also sort of a microcosm of his his ever adjusting a player’s perceived role amid the season. Once his starting C is deemed a 20mpg player, he stays that way. Lou and Trezz the inseparable pair, they’ll always be on the floor together. Montrezz as part of the closing unit... etc. 

lol did that happen when he was coach for the celtics?