The Clippers were blown out in Memphis, losing to the Grizzlies 135-109 and trailing nearly the entire game. Keep reading for a recap of the Clippers’ loss to the Grizzlies.


The Clippers got trounced in this one, the vibes were awful, and the effort level from key players was quite low. Therefore, I’m going to match that effort and put out a bit of a shorter recap than usual. In terms of the game flow, the starters looked terrible and quickly fell behind double-digits. However, the bench unit perked the Clippers up and kept them attached, with Terance Mann, Isaiah Hartenstein, and Robert Covington all playing well. The starters were a bit better in their second stint, and the Clippers trailed by a somewhat manageable 15 points at halftime.

However, after the break, things fell apart, with the Grizzlies getting out in transition and running down the Clippers’ throats. Soon the Grizzlies lead was 20, and a Marcus Morris Flagrant 2 foul on Ja Morant (I thought it was a borderline call but not objectionable) gave the Grizzlies a lead stretching to the mid-20s. This time, the bench, despite still playing with more energy and effort, was not able to cut into the deficit, and the last 15 minutes of the game was extended garbage time.


Newbies Impress Again: After being the two best players against the Bucks Sunday, Norman Powell and Robert Covington were again the most impactful Clippers in this one. Powell scored 16 points on 12 shots in just 23 minutes, while Covington scored 14 on 10 shots in 29 minutes, pulled in six rebounds, and forced several turnovers (he was credited with one steal but had more). Considering their unfamiliarity with their teammates and the playbook, Powell’s and Covington’s play so far is impressive and a good sign for the rest of the season (provided RoCo isn’t moved).

Reggie and Marcus Stinky: Conversely, the Clippers’ two leading scorers this season and key veteran presence guys were dreadful. Reggie Jackson had six turnovers in 24 minutes, and most of them were dreadful. Marcus Morris was 1-6 from the field in his 22 minutes, his ejection decisively ended the game, essentially, and he was barely moving on defense. Norm Powell is better than these guys, but if the Clippers are going to win games this season, they need a lot more from Reggie and Morris.

No Serge: After a month plus of playing three centers, Ty Lue opted to not play Serge Ibaka in this one at all, even in the extended garbage time. Much of the arguments on Twitter regarding Serge’s minutes are that he’s been showcased for a trade. Thus, there are two options for his not playing tonight. First, that the Clippers could not find a deal, and now that they aren’t moving him, don’t see the need to play him. Second, that they do have a deal (or deals) set up, and knowing that he’s all but gone, didn’t want to risk an injury to upset the apple cart. Considering the deadline is still 36 hours out, the second option seems far more likely. If Serge gets traded, we will of course cover that, as well as talk about his tenure in our exit interviews at the end of the season, but what a sad way for it all to conclude.

That about does it for this recap of the Clippers’ game against the Grizzlies. Again, not a ton to say on this one, as it was a blowout for nearly half the running time and was thoroughly unentertaining from a Clippers’ perspective. Also, it must be said: the Grizzlies are good. Stay tuned for our trade deadline coverage in the coming days!

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