That was an incredible game. But for Clippers fans, it was a highly frustrating one, as the Clippers suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Mavericks in Game 4 of an overtime thriller on a Luka Doncic buzzer-beater. The series is now tied 2-2, and the momentum of the Clippers’ Game 3 win is gone.


It would have been impossible to predict the final outcome based on the first quarter. The Mavericks, with Kristaps Porzingis a late scratch, started the game with a small lineup, and the Clippers took advantage immediately. While Trey Burke hit a couple shots, the Clippers moved the ball well and played energetically on defense. Paul George (more on him later) made two early buckets as well, and the Clippers nurtured a small lead. However, Doc Rivers inserted the dreaded Reggie Jackson-Lou Williams-Montrezl Harrell lineup into the game, and the Mavs were able to get going offensively.

Ivica Zubac played in a hybrid bench-starters lineup to start the quarter, and the Clippers began cooking on both ends. Zu contested shots, snared defensive rebounds, and kept things going with offensive rebounds. Meanwhile Lou Williams caught fire, repeatedly torching whichever Mavericks player got in his way. Soon, the lead had reached 21. Then, Montrezl Harrell checked in for Zubac, and the game shifted on a dime. Boban Marjanovic got a couple easy buckets, the Mavs started attacking the rim, and the Clippers offense stagnated. Seth Curry and Trey Burke torched the Clippers’ defendrs, getting to their spots with ease, and the Clippers lead shrunk to eight at half.

Unfortunately, things got worse from there. The Clippers looked utterly lifeless coming out of halftime, as if they’d found out that a team puppy had died, or that they had to spend this upcoming winter living in Antarctica. They offered little resistance defensively, with Curry, Burke, and Doncic all taking turns roasting them over a fire. They might have been even worse on the other end, with absolutely no ball movement and endless clanked jumpers. Paul George in particular seemed to have lost whatever remaining confidence he had left, even passing up an open three at one point. The bench played with a little bit more energy and fire, but the defense failed to improve, with Trez, Lou, and Reggie once again the primary culprits. The score flipped, and it was the Mavs who led by eight going into the 4th.

The Clippers clearly came out with far more energy and effort to start the quarter, but the defense helmed by the bench did not improve. Lou Williams singlehandedly kept them in the game, hitting tough shot after tough shot and slithering his way to the basket. Finally, with over 8 minutes to go, Doc pulled the plug on Trez, and went small with Marcus Morris at center. As the quarter winded down, the Clippers’ defense tightened, even as Luka made increasingly difficult shots and passes to keep the Mavs ahead. With a few minutes to go, the game suddenly opened up, as everyone – Reggie Jackson, Tim Hardaway, Kawhi Leonard, Lou Williams – made shots back to back to back. The Clippers were finally able to force a stop, and had the ball with 19.7 seconds left. However, they settled for a horrible Kawhi fadeaway jumper from 20 feet, and the game went to overtime.

The overtime went much the same as the end of the 4th, as both teams traded blows. Kawhi and Lou were doing damage on one end, Burke, Hardaway, and Luka on the other. Back and forth the teams went, until Kawhi found Marcus Morris in the corner with 9 seconds to go. Splash. On the final defensive possession, Landry Shame was inserted for Lou Williams, but Reggie Jackson curiously reminaed in th game. Luka got a switch on him, and Reggie delivered the foul to give. With 3.7 seconds left, Luka again got the switch from Kawhi onto Reggie (with relative ease), stepped back, and drained a 30-footer over Reggie. Ball game. This Game 4 loss to the Mavericks immediately ranks up there in a pantheon with other horrible defeats suffered by the Clippers.


Doc Bewilders: This loss falls squarely onto the shoulders of Doc Rivers. The Clippers may have not executed well, and may have been lifeless for parts of the 2nd and most of the 3rd quarters, but Doc was thoroughly outcoached again in this one. His insistence on playing Montrezl Harrell when Boban Marjanovic is in the game cost the Clippers in Game 2, and hurt them again tonight. Ivica Zubac played only a couple minutes after coming out in the early 3rd quarter, despite the fact that he was a +11 in 22 minutes. Montrezl Harrell was a -19 in 17, and had 2 points and 1 rebound total. And somehow, that’s not even the worst bit. Doc Rivers left Reggie Jackson, a legitimately awful defensive player, in the game in the deciding possession, and sure enough, the Mavs switched onto him and scored. Reggie made some big threes in this one, but he simply should not have been out there. Additionally, the Clippers gave up switches from Reggie and Lou Williams onto Luka Doncic the entire 4th quarter and overtime, and showed very little resistance to it. A couple times could be up to the players, but the consistent usage means the coaching staff was ok with it. Abominable. A lot needs to change in Game 5, and beyond.

Paul George Struggling: The Clippers’ second biggest issue after Doc has been Paul George, who is not only missing shots, but is seemingly lacking all confidence. He made a layup in the 4th quarter with a strong drive, but then missed an easy one just a minute later. He was 3-14 from the field, 1-7 from three, and didn’t even seem to be that engaged defensively. Missing three-pointers is one thing. Everyone struggles shooting the ball sometimes. But the Clippers simply can’t win if their second-best player is this passive and lackluster. After those early points, George didn’t score again until that 4th quarter layup, an unacceptable performance considering his 45 minutes of playing time. Yes, he got some rebounds, but that’s nowhere close to enough. He needs to be confident and he needs to be aggressive. If he’s not, the Clippers could really lose this series.

Lou Williams Dazzles: The one Clippers player who showed up to play tonight, from start to finish, was Lou Williams. Lou Scored 36 points on 13-20 shooting while dishing out a team high five assists. His scoring and passing is what broke the game open early in the 2nd quarter, and what kept the Clippers afloat in the 4th. He was simply magnificent, showcasing the confidence, smoothness, and calm head that Clippers’ fans have come to love over the past three years. It’s a damn shame the Clippers lost a game where Lou played this well. And, for as good as Kawhi was down the stretch, it was Lou who should have had the shot to win the game at the end of regulation. This Game 4 loss to the Mavericks has many culprits for the Clippers, but Sweet Lou is certainly not among them.

Benching Trez: It really might have come to this. While Sanjesh Singh wrote earlier today about why the Clippers should play Reggie Jackson less (which this game also makes a case for), the much tougher decision lies regarding Montrezl Harrell, who has been a vast negative through four games. Outside of Game 3, he’s been ineffective on offense, and has been repeatedly torched on defense. He’s too small to provide rim protection, and hasn’t been any better than Ivica Zubac out on the perimeter. There’s no excuse for Zu to get less than 30 minutes per game, and there’s increasingly an argument for Trez to no get minutes at all. If he plays, it absolutely can’t be with Boban on the court, and the Clippers leaving him in against Bobi is simply baffling. I don’t know if the Clippers can bench Trez from a locker room standpoint, but Zu is just much better than him right now, and Marcus Morris and JaMychal Green should be getting minutes at center as well. Trez has been a great Clipper, and he’s a fan favorite for a reason, but there’s a very good case to be made that he should be getting 10 minutes per game or less in this series.

Well, that’s about all I have to say. Kawhi Leonard was great down the stretch (horrific game-winning shot aside), and has repeatedly shown up in big moments. JaMychal Green played well off the bench, and Marcus Morris was solid too, albeit rather cold on offense for much of the game. Really, if Paul George plays better, and Doc Rivers limits the minutes of Reggie Jackson and Montrezl Harrell, the Clippers should still win this series. Whether either of those happens for the Clippers, however, is now an open question after this disastrous loss to the Mavericks in Game 4.


  • Avatar Daniyal Ali says:

    I’ve never been on the doc needs to be fired train, but after the decisions he’s made this series I’m starting to think he needs to be. Besides that I cannot remember how many times during the 3rd and 4th I yelled “bad shot bad shot”, “get the rebound”, “why is “x” on luka”. These are like ridiculous things to be saying about a championship level team. This was a horrendous game and I don’t even know how to feel about it. I could go the route of saying we will bounce back and be fine. Or I could say we’ve been trash half the series and let the Mavs do whatever they want, I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose the series. Keeping in mind that the 2 games we won the Mavs were down porzingis in game 1 and down luka in game 3. So there’s that. I’ll reserve judgement for how I feel because I’m still pissed texting friends “WHY WAS REGGIE PLAYING AT THE END”.

    Really the stupidest part is we all knew what would happen with reggie on the floor with 10 seconds left. Switch and a drive. We all knew what would happen with 4 seconds left. Switch and a step back 3. It was so painfully obvious to everyone except Doc apparently.

  • Avatar Alan Ng says:

    Just heard Doc’s postgame interview calling the team emotionally weak.

    If that’s a shot at pandemic P or Montrez, kudos. But rotations are just terrible.

    • Avatar 8sp0rts8 says:

      he better be including himself in that, because based on his lineups an rotations, he’s afraid to hurt Reggie and Trez’s feelings

  • Avatar Morty CA says:

    TBH today was an embarrassment. We should’ve kept the 21 point lead and we shouldve won because they didn’t have KP. Legit no excuses at all. We shouldn’t even have a reason on why we were in OT in the first place. Doc doesn’t want to take timeouts when the lead keeps growing for Dallas or when the lead keeps shrieking for the Clips. Doesn’t want to substitute Reggie Jackson for McGruder on the defensive end. Reggie was doing okay on the offensive end but defensively he was getting burned ALL THE TIME. Playoff PG13, where the f are you?! Taking some ill advised shots that don’t make sense.

    Shai is avg. 21pts. 39.7% 3pt and 42.6 FG%
    PG13 is avg. 15.3pts. 20.8 % 3pt and 27.3FG%

    Yes, different team, different series. But Shai is doing it against better defensive players than Dallas. I still think Kawhi got it wrong on who he wanted to play with.

    • Avatar chogokin says:

      Kawhi could’ve played with Shai, and all the other stuff (Gallo and a truckload of draft picks) we had to send out to get PG13 too. We could still potentially win a ring this season. Who knows, Playoff P could suddenly remember how to shoot a basketball, and this embarrassment could be the trigger. But I sure as hell am not holding my breath for that to happen – this team (particularly our coach) has lost the benefit of the doubt from me.

  • Avatar wwshep says:

    And we still would have won it if Doc had just subbed a defensive player in for Reggie.

    Not only that but it shouldn’t have even gone to OT anyway if Doc had drawn up a decent play for the final possession of regulation instead of a contested iso foot jumpshot from Kawhi. Why not a drive and kick? Just horrifical bad coaching. Fuck this guy! I’m sick of him dong this to us in the playoffs every year and then blaming the players.

    • Avatar Alan Ng says:

      He already blamed the players by calling them emotionally weak.

      If that’s the case, with all his managerial substitutions, Doc is emotionally retarded.

    • Avatar Morty CA says:

      I know they want to switch defensively but I’d rather have Kawhi stick Luka and fight through the screen. Would’ve been a better chance defensively. Reggie on Kleber? That’s fine, he’s not much of an offensive threat and I’d rather have him shoot the game winning ball than Luka if that was the case.

  • Avatar Mario Molina says:

    Great write up. I completely agree with you on Harrell. Our defense can’t stop Dallas when he plays. Dallas doubled Kawhi today and that effected his offense. I’m going to stay positive and say Clippers need to go through this. Right now we are not playing like a team. Even if we win this series we won’t go far the way we are playing. If Paul George can’t remember how to play basketball Clips can’t go far. I think George finds his game, Zubac gets more playing time, Pat Bev returns and we win the next 2 games.

  • Avatar chogokin says:

    It wasn’t even bad defense at the end by Reggie, it was just a magnificent shot by Luka. Reggie actually legit contested, but he SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN OUT THERE TO BEGIN WITH. How are these issues so obvious to all of us but somehow invisible to Doc? I’m disgusted by this game. I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, but for now I’ll just tap my cap to Dallas (especially Rick Carlisle), and shake my head at Doc, Playoff P, and Trez. Can we trade Doc to the Pelicans in the offseason?

  • Avatar 8sp0rts8 says:

    everyone is pissed at Doc and blaming him. which i totally get and it’s warranted. especially having Reggie in for the last play of the game. but i feel like Luka would have made the game winning shot 50% of the time, regardless of who was on him. that’s just what great players do.

    speaking of great players, PG is definitely not one. i still can’t believe Clippers gave up SGA, Gallo and picks for this guy. yes, they had to do it to get Kawhi, so now Kawhi has to live with his decision. 3rd straight game PG’s pts and FTA are down. i don’t care what Doc did or how bad he is. NBA is still a player’s league. great players and teams can overcome bad coaches. there’s a reason they get paid 5 times what the coach does. at least, that’s how much more PG makes than Doc.

    if your shot’s not falling, drive and draw some damn fouls. if PG even gets to the line a couple more times this game, Clippers win regardless of Doc and his idiotic moves. he is one of the most mentally weak players i have ever seen

    • Avatar Jonathan Eng says:

      No. You put in a bigger player in McGruder or Jmych, Luka will be disrupted and will have a tougher shot. Luka has like 4 inches of height on Reggie

      • Avatar 8sp0rts8 says:

        uh, Rodney only has 1 inch on Reggie. and Jmych is too slow to stay in front of Luka. also, Booker made it over both Kawhi and PG. there’s no way Luka can make a shot with Rodney or Jmych on him. lol

        • Avatar Jonathan Eng says:

          The reason why you do that aside from doubling Luka on that last possession is to surprise them. The Mavs were coached to hunt the switch on Reggie. If Reggie is not out there, who do you hunt?

  • Avatar TheGreatestShowman says:

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter that Reggie was in on that last play. We didn’t deserve to win and lost the game in the 3rd quarter.

    Silver lining of going small down the stretch is hopefully Doc plays that or some version of the lineup most of the next game. Center rotation should be Zu, JG and Mook.

    PG get your head out of your ass.

  • Avatar NovakDjokovic says:

    It pains me to say this but I think we are the only team that can defeat the Lakers, but that isn’t going to happen if we lose in the first round. Utter and total embarrassment! And we gave away our future just to get Pandemic P?

    Congrats to the Lakers on winning the chip.

    • Avatar Mario Molina says:

      So you think we lose this series or we lose to either Utah or Denver? Because you said we are the only team that can beat the Lakers. So if Lakers win that means you think we lose this round or next round. The series is 2-2 and you act like we’re down 3-0. I know this was a hard loss but be a real fan and have faith in your team. Trust me I’m frustrated to but you have to back your team. Again series is tied, the Clippers got this.

      • Avatar wwshep says:

        Dude we couldn’t beat the Mavs up by 21 with no Porzingis. How the hell are we gonna beat them with Porzingis back???

        • Avatar Mario Molina says:

          We beat them game 3 with porzingis. Besides you don’t if he’s back next game. And you also don’t know if Beverly is back next game. We lost because of a buzzer beater. We didn’t lose by a blowout. Besides I don’t think George can play that bad again.

          • Avatar Based Freestyle says:

            “We lost because of a buzzer beater. We didn’t lose by a blowout.”

            We were up 21. It’s shameful that we lost at all.

            “Besides I don’t think George can play that bad again.”

            We’ve been saying this for three games now. At this point, we should probably just assume he’s going to play awful and be pleasantly surprised if he doesn’t.

  • Avatar Cole Huff says:

    Question for you guys:

    How does Doc go about the Trez vs Boban thing? It seems that his only options are to start Trez (please, no), or bench him completely.

    I’ve noticed that as soon as Trez heads to the scorers table to check in, so does Boban. And after Trez gets cooked, Zu heads back to check in, and as that happens Boban checks out immediately. Then you continue to die by the pick and roll because Zu sits in his drop and Luka probes to the paint and makes whatever decision he wants.

    Carlisle is basically controlling the matchup.

    • Avatar Alan Ng says:

      Carlisle has always been a good coach.

      I don’t give credit to doc for that 1 championship because he acquired 3 hall of famers. He just went along for the ride. If they get bounced in the 1st round again, I guarantee this will be his last season as clippers coach.

    • Avatar Morty CA says:

      Bench Trez, I’d rather see Zu, Green or Noah. Trez is good offensively(Not in this series) but Boban is eating him alive. Each game you adjust, doc is not really adjusting. He’ll adjust one game but trout out the same old line up the next game. I’d rather have McGruder than Reggie. McGruder = Superior defender, cutter and can at least hit the spot up 3.

      • Avatar TheGreatestShowman says:

        Exactly, you sit Trez and roll with Zu, JG and Mook as your center. We played great down the stretch with Mook at 5. That’s how you force Carlisle’s hand.

        • Avatar wwshep says:

          That’s what I was screaming about all game. Trez CANNOT be allowed to be on the floor he is UNPLAYABLE at this point.

          But Doc is too damn loyal and he’s gonna sink us in the 1st round because of that loyalty.

          Also PG is damn near unplayable at this point also, but unfortunately we don’t have any other options. What I wouldn’t give to have SGA, Gallo and 10,000 first round picks back, Sigh!….

    • Avatar chogokin says:

      I think the best thing to do would be to show Trez the film and the numbers, and explain to him why he’s getting his minutes cut in this matchup, while covering for him in the media by telling the press that it’s because “he’s still getting his conditioning back up to speed.” Doesn’t mean you’re benching him entirely, or that you’re benching him for the remainder of the playoffs (I actually think he’d do fine against Utah/Denver), but he’s killing us right now and the Clips don’t have the luxury of looking ahead. Then you distribute the extra 10ish minutes among Zu, JaMychal, and MM (for a small ball lineup), all of whom are much better defenders than Trez and can stretch the floor in case Carlisle leaves Bobi in.

    • Robert Flom Robert Flom says:

      I’ve been advocating for benching him entirely.

      You might have a good perspective for this though – how do you think the locker room would take it? I think that’s probably the big hesitation with benching him.

      • Avatar wwshep says:

        Looks at these NUMBERS!!!…

        We’ve all been slandering Reggie but it’s Trez that’s the issue. 100% Trez.

        And Doc won’t fix it which means 1st round exit is VERY real possibility.

        What would be worse for the locker room? Benching Trez and winning a chip OR playing him and getting bounced by Mavs in round 1?????????

        The time for this kid gloves shit is long past. Doc need to do what’s needed to WIN or he needs to be FIRED!!!!

        • Avatar chogokin says:

          It wasn’t “slandering” Reggie until this game. Reggie was horrible until today. Even today he was brutal defensively, but he played w/in the offense and hit some timely buckets.

    • Avatar Jonathan Eng says:

      Lucas has been saying it – Pull Zubac early and insert Trez. Then play Trez for a couple of minutes to force Carlisle to put in Boban. You try to match Zubac’s minutes with Boban’s minutes. There is absolutely no reason Zubac should not be playing 30+ minutes per game this series. Trez should be playing 10 tops. I would play JaMych ahead of Trez at this point because if Boban is out there, we can pick and pop and pick and roll him to death and force him off the floor with JaMych’s spacing.

  • Avatar NovakDjokovic says:

    This series is over. We should have lost game 1, and we couldn’t fucking beat them even without Porzingis? Not to mention, Luka having a fucking sprained ankle?

    In my opinion, we will lose the next game by a pretty small margin, and then get blown out in game 6.

    Kawhi fucked his future by coming here to play with a garbage team. He’s in LA but he definitely ain’t winning any championship in this shambolic mess of a team. Kawhi could have secured his legacy by either staying at the Raptors or going to the Lakers, he would have multiple chips if he’d been on either of those teams.

    • Avatar wwshep says:

      You mean Garbage coach…

      The team has done it’s part with the HUGE exception of Playoff P, who has been shamefully awful.

      Even Trez it’s not his fault that he hadn’t played basketball in 5 months and is a horrible matchup vs. Dallas, but it IS the fault of the coach not to recognize this and bench him for the sake of the team and to allow us to win.

      If Doc doesn’t stop playing Trez when he’s clearly unplayble then Doc MUST be FIRED! Period.

  • Avatar John Maclean says:

    Man this was a serious gut punch. One of the most heartbreaking losses in all my years as a sports fan. I don’t think it’s over by any means but Dallas now believes they are better and that’s what scares me most. I said this the other day and it sounded crazy at the time but Luka is definitely the most talented player I‘Be ever seen at his age and we just May be running into the GOAT on the rise.

    • Avatar TheGreatestShowman says:

      Nah, there have been far worse – Game 5 against he Suns and Game 6 against the Rox come to mind. This series is far from over and most importantly, winnable! Doc just has to get his shit together and make the right adjustments.

      • Avatar wwshep says:

        “Doc just has to get his shit together and make the right adjustments”…

        In other words were doomed.

  • Avatar Based Freestyle says:

    I’ve been done with Doc since Game 6 against Houston and now I’m done with PG too. It’s impossible to root for such an unlikeable player who talks trash on social media and then responds with absolute garbage performances. He says he’s not James Harden, but he could have fooled me with that disappearing act he put on today.

    Doc is easily the worst coach in the NBA. Even the most basic fundamentals of coaching elude this guy, like calling timeouts when the other team is starting to build momentum. Or not playing your worst defenders for important defensive possessions. And what was that awful play he drew up at the end of regulation? Doc should be thanking KG, Pierce and Ray for making his legacy look so much better than it really is.

    • Avatar wwshep says:

      It’s truly sickening how much punishment Doc has inflicted on Clipper fans. We deserve BETTER THAN THIS!

  • Avatar wwshep says:

    This legit feels worse than Game 6 vs. Houston. when Josh Smith and Cory Brewer crushed our souls.

    I know it’s only 2-2 but this just feels like Dallas now has all the confidence, swagger, and momentum now. Kawhi seems like he’s getting exhausted by carrying all the load and PG is a total headcase. Doc is totally incompetent and will keep playing Trez even though he’s unplayable. I just don’t see a way we pull this one out and psychologically I feel like the Mavs broke us today.

    A first round exit here will go down in history as the biggest disappointment in Clipper history and that is really saying something.

    • Avatar jbugs says:

      no it doesn’t. That clippers team was the best chance to win a championship. And we had the series. And that game. That one hurt worse. You’re forgetting how high the expectations were for that team.

      • Avatar wwshep says:

        maybe so… the pain probably fades with time, but this is definitely the most depressed I’ve been about Clipper bball since then.

      • Avatar TheGreatestShowman says:


      • Avatar Jonathan Eng says:

        I feel differently. I think this loss was worse than Game 6 against Houston. That year, we had the worst bench out of all the playoff teams. Josh Smith and Corey Brewer catching fire was totally out of the hands of the team and the coaching staff.

        This loss against the Mavs, Doc had total control over the outcome of the game and thoroughly was outcoached at every moment. Doc’s coaching would be mitigated had PG lived up to his billing as the 2nd superstar/max player on this team. For all the talent we have on this team, we shouldn’t be struggling as much as we are.

        Yes, Luka is a transcendent player, but today was a freebie since they had KP out. We should have came out and made a statement and destroyed them. But Doc keeps digging his own grave over and over and fails to take responsibility. PG playing like crap hurts just as much.

  • Avatar 8sp0rts8 says:

    i’ll just leave this here:

    enough said

  • Avatar jbugs says:

    I hate that we keep losing on rebounds. The defense in OT wasn’t so bad. The problem was the mavs kept rebounding the missed/contested shots. Why wasn’t JMG in the game?

    I don’t get why we ever go small. The strength of this roster is that we can get line ups where 5 guys can defend and rebound, and two of those guys are offenses by themselves (Leonard and usually PG). I get Lou had a great game, but this mavs team is way too good on offense to have a single defensive liability out there in OT. That line up needed to be bigger and stronger. After that last time out, I would have thrown out Leonard, PG, Zu, JMG and Morris. Those guys can all score, rebound and defend. It really BUGS me that doc keeps rolling out line ups that let the mavs do whatever they want with us.

  • Avatar jbugs says:

    Honestly, this team is super flawed. Better that we get creamed in the first round (we only really definitively won one game) and know we have to tinker while we still have PG and Leonard under contract than think we are almost there and roll it back another year. I never loved this team, but I didn’t think we would be this bad. As much as we want to blame doc, he can’t go anywhere. He commands too much respect around the league and players that firing him would do more damage than help. The FO is just going to have to drag doc to a championship if we’re ever going to win.

    • Avatar Based Freestyle says:

      Weird how the Celtics never lost any respect around the league for moving on from Doc. They’re also a far better-coached team than we are.

      It will be inexcusable if we get embarrassed in the playoffs AGAIN and still don’t make a coaching change. Doc has had seven seasons here and accomplished nothing.

      • Avatar jbugs says:

        The celtics have rightfully commanded respect for a long time and had before trading doc rivers to us. They also, had the deepest warchest in the league and some good prospects. This Clippers team hasn’t done anything and we don’t have any assets outside of our roster, which is primarily comprised of shorter deals (so happy about that Zu contract right now).

      • Avatar TheGreatestShowman says:

        Doc didn’t want to coach a rebuild.

  • Avatar jbugs says:

    I blame Leonard. If he would have just signed with us and let us keep Gallo SGA and our assets, we’d still be the 2 seed and would be in great shape to keep building. Gallo is looking way better than PG. He also just went so well with our roster last year (I miss that ball movement and his boxing out). Why Kawhi?? Why did you do this to us??

    • Avatar wwshep says:

      Yup… and now he’s paying the price having to carry Playoff P on his back… What sucks for us is if he decides it’s not worth sticking with it and leaves us high and dry next Summer and we’ll have zero picks to rebuild with for the next decade. Too much pressure on this year and next to be imploding in the 1st round like we are now.

      • Avatar wwshep says:

        If we had Gallo and SGA and that war chest of picks we could have build the perfect team around Kawhi instead of saddled with Playoff P.

  • Avatar NovakDjokovic says:

    Why did Kawhi want Paul George? Our team would have done much better if we kept our fucking core, look how they’re balling at OKC.

    We have essentially given away our future for what? To get knocked out in the first round and see Lakers get the chip? Atleast if Kawhi stayed at Toronto, I could have seen them defeating the Lakers, but now, no one’s going to defeat them. Fuck DOC RIVERS AND PAUL GEORGE, and FUCK KAWHI TOO

  • Avatar Jonee says:

    Daniel Ewing Part Two

  • Avatar osamu6238 says:

    My big take away from this game is that Luka is a baller. I thought for sure he’d have to miss this game after what looked like a bad sprain the last game. When I heard he was playing, I thought at least he’d be a step slow. I was honestly glad he was playing because this Clips team has shown they’ll overlook teams playing without their best player. Instead Luka came out and torched the Clips.

    I also thought the Mavs might be the best matchup for the Clips given their lack of playoff experience, but Luka has shown the mental fortitude of a guy that’s been in the playoffs for years, which I guess shouldn’t be too unexpected given his Euroleague experience. I still didn’t expect them to fight back the way they have.

    These teams definitely seem pretty evenly matched so far (in large parts to PG playing like a mediocre role player), with neither team seemingly figuring out too many answers for the other. I thought this was going 6 from the beginning, but now seems inevitable that it’s going to go to game 7.

    I still think the Mavs rely so heavily on Luka, it will be interesting if he can keep this play up for the next 3 games. Definitely helps to be 21, as right now there doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down at all.

  • Avatar dhpat says:

    Last year’s first round, we came back from that 31 pt. deficit to beat the GS Warriors at the hostile Oracle Arena
    How did the GS Warriors feel? Probably annoyed, but they ended up beating us in 6 games.
    Context, my friends, before we all collectively jump out of our 1st story windows.
    We’re going to win this series in 6.
    The better team advances in a 7 game series, but nothing prevents the better team for losing 2 or 3 games.
    Even if we go 7, having the extra playing time in crunch playoff games is not a bad thing for us, heck, the crap hand of the ‘Rona has done funky things to everyone in the world, we’ll deal with it just like everyone else.
    Plus, if Pat Bev is not ready to play in this round, a few more days to rest to make sure that he is ready for the 2nd Round.
    When we advance, our next opponent is going to be harder to beat.
    One possession at a time.