Our staff roundtable grades continue with a look at Amir Coffey, a breakout third year player for the 2022 Clippers.

Ralston Dacanay: A

It’s pretty amazing how fast things can change in this league. I remember watching Amir Coffey in the Summer League looking completely out of sorts, unable to take care of the ball or knockdown wide-open threes, and somewhat raising some eyebrows about his two-way spot. Flash forward to today and man does it feel great reflecting on the year he just had. Coffey showed he truly deserves a spot in an NBA rotation, proving to be a guy with good size on the perimeter who can pass, shoot, dribble and defend at a serviceable level. I would really like to see the Clippers retain him and continue to give him more meaningful minutes next year.

Kenneth Armstrong: A+

Amir Coffey gets an A from me for the 2022 season because he significantly exceeded expectations. Going into this season, one of my hopes was that Amir Coffey would not end up being another incarnation of Reggie Bullock: a late-bloomer who would languish on the Clippers, only to develop into a contributor with another team. That did not happen. Instead, by circumstance and because he took advantage of the opportunity, Amir earned himself a full contract. That narrative arc is by itself worthy of an A; when you add in the fact that Amir legitimately won the Clippers several games, it becomes an A-plus. Congrats, Amir! 

Cole Huff: B+

Amir followed up a pretty good sophomore season with a great third year. From starting guard to backup forward, he was productive and consistent regardless of which unit or position he was plugged in at. Much of Amir’s success can be credited to his improved playmaking in the half court and his sustained 3-point stroke on greatly increased usage. Everything he brought to the table was positive, aside from rebounding, and it’s quite possible he continues to improve as he has each season. It would be luxury to have Amir back next year as a quality and reliable end-of-rotation player.

Erik Olsgaard: A

I was going to give an A-, but then I considered his contribution to Brian Sieman’s pun game and gave him an extra half-letter. Amir was nothing short of remarkable this year. In a season that asked more of him than any other, to leap into the rotation whenever Paul George was out (which was a lot), he completely turned a corner. He posted career highs in damn near every category while shooting almost 38% from deep on over 250 attempts. We saw his skill on offense as a pick-and-roll ball-handler/spot-up shooter, as well as his skill on defense as he was often assigned to defend some of the best guards in the league. It’s been clear for months now that Amir has ascended to a different level, and he’s quickly become (yet another) fan favorite. The Clippers were wise to convert his two-way contract into a standard deal, giving the club his full Bird Rights as he heads into this off-season as a restricted free agent. I know I’m not alone in hoping that the Brewmaster returns for the grind next season.

Shapan Debnath: A-

Coming into the 2022 season the question about Amir Coffey was: is he a regular season rotation player? The answer is a resounding yes, and he finally has the standard contract to prove it. Amir’s per 36s don’t jump off the page compared to previous seasons, but his effect with his huge increase in minutes go beyond just his numbers. On a team full of connectors, Amir has proven himself to be another one of those, with a surprising amount of skill with the ball in his hands, competent shooting, quality active defense, and downhill play whether it be off DHOs or great finishing at the rim in transition. Amir was the best Clipper during an impressive 4-4 road trip back on February, including 29 points in the Wizards comeback. While he might find himself outside of the rotation in the playoffs on a healthy Clippers team, his ability to play steady, competent minutes will continue to be a huge plus for this team next season. And his ability to step into a bigger role may help tip the scale when the team considers that ol’ consolidation trade.

Robert Flom: A

Amir Coffey went from fringe two-way player to reliable rotation player in his third season, blowing just about all expectations out of the water. He might not be in the healthy Clippers’ rotation next year, but he was in 2022, and his steadiness on both ends of the court were key to keeping the Clips afloat. Guards and wings that can play solid defense, hit threes, and handle a little are some of the most valuable players in the NBA, and while Amir is great at none of those things, he’s a plug and play option into any team in the league. I hope the Clippers can keep Amir, but I also want him to get as much money as he can after most of three seasons on a two-way deal. Go get that bag Amir, you’ve earned it.

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