The second round of the 2024 NBA Draft starts tonight at 4 PM on ESPN, and the Clippers have the 46th pick. Considering the second round goes much quicker than the first, I’d expect the Clippers to make their pick sometime between 4:45 and 5:45 PM ET.

The two primary media draft coverage platforms, ESPN and the Athletic, have updated their draft boards. Here’s who they have the Clippers taking.

ESPN: Cam Spencer, UConn SG

Write Up: ” Spencer is an excellent off-screen shooter whose consistency pulling up off the dribble puts added pressure on defenses as he constantly moves without the ball. His competitiveness, skill level and experience were huge assets for the Huskies last season and often overshadow his physical limitations, which are nonetheless questions he’ll have to answer in the NBA on both ends of the floor.”

The Athletic: Trey Alexander, Creighton PG

Write Up: ” Alexander has a chance to be something of a 3-and-D guard who can dribble, pass, shoot and defend. When he was locked in — especially when he was in his younger years at Creighton and didn’t have to shoulder such an offensive load — he was a menace on defense and made life tough for opposing players. This year, the jumper fell off a bit, and I don’t think you can trust him to make pull-ups at a high level. However, he’s an interesting bet if you already have some primary wings who can play both on and off the ball.”

Incredibly enough, I would actually love either of these guys for the Clippers. Both rated very well in my statistical projections, and both have clear roles at the NBA level. The other nine guys who I’d be fine with at 46 who are still on the board include KJ Simpson, Ajay Mitchell, Tristen Newton, Nikola Djurisic, Kevin McCullar Jr., Melvin Ajinca, Jonathan Mogbo, Oso Ighodaro, and Adem Bona.

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