Our exit interview series on the 2024 Clippers continues with he-who-shall-not-be-named, former power forward Marcus Morris.

Basic Information

Height: 6’8

Weight: 218 pounds

Position: Power Forward

Age: 34

Years in NBA: 13

Key Clippers Regular Season Stats: Zero games played (3 DNP-CDs)


More than any other player on the Clippers’ roster entering the 2024 season Marcus Morris was not expected to play much if at all on the team during the season. His large expiring salary was instead expected to be used as a trade chip, whether for James Harden or some other player to add some juice to a moribund Clippers team. After a horrible last half of the 2023 season and sniping with fans on social media, Morris’ time on the team was clearly ticking to an end.


To the relief of fans, Morris was indeed out of the rotation for the first few games of the season. And then, like the rest of the Clippers’ forward rotation, he was sent to Philadelphia for James Harden. Somewhat surprisingly, he was actually a part of Nick Nurse’s rotation for much of his time in Philadelphia, playing 37 games for the Sixers and starting seven of them while shooting well from three.

But then, at the deadline, Morris was traded again, this time as part of a three-team deal that sent him to San Antonio. The tanking Spurs had no use for Morris, and so bought him out so he could join a playoff team. No true contenders came calling, but the Cleveland Cavaliers needed shooting off the bench, and Morris joined them late in the season. Morris played 12 regular season games for the Cavs as well as appeared in 9 playoff games. He was mostly awful in the playoffs, with the notable exception of his last appearance, Game 5 against Boston, where he scored 25 points on 10-13 shooting and 5-6 from three. It was a good final audition for Morris going into the summer, though the rest of his playoff showings were far less impressive.

Future with Clippers

Marcus Morris has probably done just enough to get a guaranteed veteran minimum deal from a playoff team this summer. He’s a hefty forward who can hit threes at a good percentage on decent volume, and while all theoretical defense and shot creation is gone, shooting with size will be considered useful deep in rotations for some teams.

I can’t imagine, however, that team will be the Clippers. Not after the way things ended for Morris in LA, with him taking shots at fans, and being pushed fully out of the team’s plans, and complaining about his lack of role. And even if he wanted to come back, the Clippers need to get younger and more athletic and dynamic. Morris offers none of that. Nico and RoCo at least provide defense and glue-guy stuff, which the Clippers could use, but even they are not really what this team needs. Morris will almost certainly have to find a deal for the last year or two of his career on one of the other 29 teams in the NBA.

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