The 2021 NBA Draft is tonight, which means it’s time for our final mock draft roundup of the Clippers’ selections with the 25th pick in the draft. Included are snippets from the site in question regarding the Clippers’ chosen pick and why they were made.

ESPN – Day’Ron Sharpe

The Clippers might look to add depth at center… Sharpe has helped himself in the pre-draft process, shedding weight, showcasing much better floor-spacing potential than previously advertised, and impressing in private interviews….

The Athletic – Rokas Jokubaitis

A similar pick from the last mock… one avenue open to them given their current contract situation could be to stash a player. Jokubaitis is seen as a strong, creative pick-and-roll guard… The key for him will be athletic translation and consistently gaining separation, but he plays such an unhurried style of basketball with poise that I think he’ll probably… at least carve out a solid bench role in the NBA.

Another avenue that I think makes sense for the Clippers is to trade back into the second round and pick up a couple of picks.

Sports Illustrated – Day’Ron Sharpe

Sharpe’s strong predraft process could culminate with him coming off the board earlier than expected… Teams say Sharpe has been terrific on the workout circuit, having improved his conditioning, shot the ball surprisingly well, and impressed in interviews… While not supremely athletic or skilled as a scorer, Sharpe is a highly competitive, high-effort rebounder with more upside than most traditional centers…

The Clippers … have consistently valued toughness and feel in their role players.

Bleacher Report – Isaiah Jackson

Sharpe has been tied to the Clippers and Nets, though mostly by speculation. The fact that he’s had few workouts suggests he feels good about his draft stock.

The Ringer – Tre Mann

Without Kawhi Leonard next season… the Clippers will be in need of a shot creator. Mann … a good shooter with a smooth handle.

CBS Sports – Nah’Shon Hyland

“Bones” Hyland dominated at the combine… A team looking to add a microwave scorer would do well to look his way in the mid-to-late first round — and the Clippers might… add more shot-making on an already-loaded roster.

Overall, this is not a great mix for the Clippers’ final 2021 NBA Draft mock roundup. Sharpe isn’t an *awful* prospect, but he’s also a big man who is not that close to contributing to a winning team, which means he’d be a questionable choice for the Clippers. Jackson is a solid big man prospect, but that mock draft in question has Jaden Springer, Bones Hyland, and Sharife Cooper falling past them, and I would not take him over any of those guys. Jokubaitis is an interesting prospect, but he’s mostly projected as around the 45th best prospect in this draft, making 25 a massive reach. Mann would be a pretty solid pick and Hyland would be great, so let’s hope it’s one of those guys (or Springer), all of whom seem like they should be available at 25.

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