Lucas and Rob sit down a few days after the Clippers’ premature elimination from the 2020 NBA Playoffs to reflect on the team’s issues, a disappointing season, what separates LAC from the current conference finalists, and how the Clippers can go about improving for next year.

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  • Jacques-Yves Cousteau Jacques-Yves Cousteau says:

    Very interesting pod.
    I wonder that you guys think about more investing in a development of young players such as Fi, Mann, Coffey(and probably Motley).
    May be thats not happen very often but in this year playoffs young undrafted players and rookies(even if its not very high pick) plays real minutes in the palyoffs(for example Grant Williams, PJ Dozier in game 2).
    But knowing that Doc not very trusts much in a young players, he probably use them situationally or if there’s no backup pointguard/center option.


    • Lucas Hann Lucas Hann says:

      You’ve gotta think of young guys who contribute in the playoffs as aberrations, not the norm. Williams has had a nice season but consider that he was a first round pick playing behind an All-NBA guy at PF in Jayson Tatum (he ultimately ended up earning minutes at C).

      The team also didn’t roll into the season depending on Williams–competing with him for PT are Semi Ojeleye, a third-year player who had already earned over 1600 minutes under Brad Stevens, Robert Williams, Boston’s 1st-round pick from last year, Ends Kanter, an established veteran with 600+ NBA games and 200+ NBA starts, and Daniel Theis, who had a successful career in Europe before proving himself as Boston’s backup for the last 2 seasons and earning the starting job here in year 3.

      If Williams had been unable to contribute, he wouldn’t have played. He’s earned those minutes ahead of more experienced guys. If Mann was at that point in his development, he wouldn’t have been behind Derrick Walton Jr. in the PG pecking order and the team wouldn’t have needed to sign Reggie Jackson. If Coffey was at that point, he could have offered a more serious challenge to Rodney McGruder, who was quite bad this year. If Fi was at that point, he would have earned a spot on the bubble roster. Instead, the team turned to Patterson and Noah for depth minutes, just like Boston would have turned to Ojeleye and Kanter if Williams hadn’t surprised them.

      Dozier’s minutes have been the result of a combination of Denver not having as much depth as LAC and having injuries in the playoffs. It’s like if Landry and Lou both got hurt, and Rivers threw a few minutes to Amir Coffey.

      The point being, you can’t count on guys like Terance, Amir, or Fi to be positive contributors in the playoffs. You absolutely have to get veterans in to compete with them for minutes. If the Clippers sign Raul Neto, that’s Terance’s job for the year: be better than Raul Neto to break into the rotation. If he pulls it off, great, Neto becomes third-string depth and the Clippers have a young guard contributing in the rotation. If he can’t win that battle, you’ll be glad that you signed Neto. Same thing for Fi and Patrick Patterson this last year. Given how lost Fi looked defensively in his NBA minutes, I’m fairly glad the Clippers had Patterson available for the 800 minutes he played–they probably lose the 2-seed if Fi plays those 800 minutes.

  • Avatar PJ Corpuz says:

    I do believe we were on track with our plan on how we are going to approach the season. I think our priority was to get everyone healthy close to the playoffs then slowly ramp up our play from there. And I saw some changes with our defense. From doing a lot of zone, we were starting to switch or scram lou. We were clicking our last few games until the NBA shut down. It was never flipping the switch for the playoffs, but we didn’t have the chance to see that. The problem was Doc failed to adapt with the changes. We had our second chance for a training camp before the restart, but players in and out of the bubble didn’t help.