Dr. Shap, Robert Flom, and Lucas Hann sit down postgame to discuss the Clippers’ embarrassing, heartbreaking, enraging loss and second half collapse to the Denver Nuggets in game 6. The crew tackle the few silver linings of the game, the blown second-half lead, Montrezl Harrell’s performance, Doc Rivers’ job security, and the outlook for game 7.

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One Comment

  • Avatar Robert Dailey says:

    Rivers’ coached teams have previously blown two separate 3-1 playoff series leads (Rivers being the only coach in NBA history to blow multiple 3-1 leads), and have lost three separate 3-2 playoff series leads:

    2003 – Magic blew 3-1 first round lead to Detroit
    2009 – Boston lost 3-2 second round lead to Orlando
    2010 – Boston lost 3-2 finals lead to Lakers
    2012 – Boston lost 3-2 second round lead to Miami
    2014 – Clippers blew 3-1 second round lead to Houston

    Now, Rivers threatens to lose another 3-1 lead (which would total three separate blown 3-1 playoff leads, while no other coach in NBA history has lost more than one blown 3-1 playoff lead).