Just two days after I wrote about the Clippers not opening their practice facility, they have re-opened their practice facility! First credit for breaking the news goes to Andrew Greif, of the LA Times.

As expected, the facilities will only be open on a limited basis. The workouts are not mandatory, and the activities will be more along the lines of physical wellness and exercise than true basketball workouts (though certainly some shooting and dribbling will happen).

Only four players are allowed in the facility at once, and no head coaches or assistant coaches can participate. This helps to limit the contact, and should keep the players safe from getting or spreading COVID-19. There might be a few players who choose not to participate, but after being stuck at home for two months, and with little or no access to basketball since, I’d guess that almost all of the players partake within the coming days.

This is a good sign, not just because the Clippers feel that this measure has a required amount of safety, but as the first start to getting the Clippers (and NBA) back in our lives at some point this summer. Hopefully the players can get some much-needed basketball activities, work their way back into shape, and improve their mental health while remaining safe.

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