According to The Athletic’s David Aldridge, the Clippers will not keep veteran point guard Isaiah Thomas following his acquisition today from the Washington Wizards.

The rationale for this deal, then, must have been as follows: the Clippers wanted to move Jerome Robinson in order to make salaries work for Marcus Morris, and the Knicks did not want Robinson’s guaranteed salary for next season.

The Wizards, then, who coveted Robinson in the 2018 NBA Draft, were willing to take on Robinson for free in order to see if he can thrive more in Washington than he did in Los Angeles.

Now, the Clippers will look elsewhere to fill their need for an emergency point guard–possibly the much-discussed Darren Collison, or newly-waived Trey Burke or Tim Frazier.

Lucas Hann

Lucas Hann

Lucas has covered the Clippers since 2011, and has been credentialed by the team since 2014. He co-founded 213Hoops with Robert Flom in January 2020.  He is a graduate of Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, CA and St. John's University in Queens, NY.  He earned his MA in Communication and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University.


  • Avatar Ray Samora says:

    Hopefully, this will lead to the signing of Collison!

    • Avatar ChrisD says:

      either way i think it is another win for us. Lucas, how close are we to the tax line or whatever? I know we were close before, but can we sign 2 min guys the rest of the season and be good?

      • Avatar Minion94 says:

        Aren’t we 3 mil below the line?Two roster spots open too. Darren Collison would be perfect.

        • Avatar ChrisD says:

          i don’t think we were that far under before. we sent out $16 million and took in $16.6 million so I think we are at the line.

      • Lucas Hann Lucas Hann says:

        Clips are about 1.2M below the tax line–so they’re good for two rest-of-season deals, basically

        • Avatar KMarsh86 says:

          How does that work Lucas if we are 1.2M below the tax line? Does that mean that the 2 rest of season contracts are going to be pro-rated or am I missing something? Just wondering because I thought minimum contracts started around $1 million? I know you are the expert at this stuff!

      • Avatar KMarsh86 says:

        Good question! If we keep winning then hopefully we will be in the luxury tax for a while, but that doesn’t mean it has to start this year lol

    • Avatar AndreyDKS says:

      Why are you hyping Collison?

  • Avatar Kyle MacDonald says:

    Later IT!

  • Avatar osamu says:

    wow, I assume they have plans for something. I wasn’t a fan of IT getting minutes, but I still think he’s a decent NBA player and could be good injury insurance.

    I guess I slightly would prefer Trey Burke, but they’re almost the same guy

    • Avatar osamu says:

      I think I’m hoping this is a sign they know Collison is coming

    • Avatar chogokin says:

      IT can still play a bit, but Jesus Christ I did NOT want to see a lineup of Lou/IT/McGruder/JMG/Trez. That lineup would’ve given up 500 pts.

  • Avatar Peter Van says:

    Crazy how the value for IT went from Kyrie Irving to Jerome Robinson. Sucks he’s not the IT of old but injuries will do that. Hopefully a team picks him up

    • Avatar markusze says:

      If we release him, he is not even valued as JR, but as a salary fodder. This guy has shittiest luck when it comes to getting paid.

    • Avatar osamu says:

      Imagine if he got paid that summer. He might have ended up the worst contract in the league. But you have to feel a little bad he didn’t get at least a decent payday.

  • Avatar TheGreatestShowman says:

    Trey Burke and Marvin Williams. Let’s get it.

  • Avatar Matthew Coombs says:

    THE KNICKS would rather have nothing than have to pay Jerome next year?

    No wonder they’re the Knicks. I’ll be the first to admit MY POSS has disappointed. But that’s completely ridiculous.