It was just announced on TNT that Clippers’ guard Paul George has made the 2023 All Star Game as a reserve, voted by NBA coaches. This is PG’s 8th All Star Game, adding another accolade to what is already a first-ballot Hall of Fame career.

George is averaging 23.3 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 5.4 assists in 34.1 minutes across 37 games played while shooting 52.5% from 2, 38.5% from three, and 88.5% from the free throw line while playing very good defense. He’s also effectively acted as the Clippers’ point guard for much of the season, which has led to increased turnovers, but also to a ton of offensive production.

While George has missed some time with injuries, so have a number of other established Western Conference stars, including Devin Booker and Anthony Davis, and the Clippers’ own Kawhi Leonard. For the coaches, 37 games with a hefty minutes load was enough for PG, who has certainly been an All Star caliber player this year. The Clippers’ recent turnaround and placement as the 4th seed in the West probably also helped. Personally, Paul George might have been behind Kawhi for me, as even though Kawhi has played a lot less, he’s been so good in his games played that I think he could have squeaked by. However, coaches are usually anti load-management, and that certainly hurt Kawhi in this setting.

Congratulations to Paul George on making the 2023 All Star Game!

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