Just as soon as a player returns, another goes down. While Lou Williams returned for the Clippers today, Pat Beverley is questionable to return for the Clippers with an injury designated as calf soreness after playing just eight minutes in the first quarter. He has not returned since, and doesn’t appear to be warming up, so he will probably miss the rest of this one.

However, he didn’t warm up at halftime, and doesn’t appear closing to checking in, so it’s safe to say he will be out for the rest of the game. Fortunately, “calf soreness” seems very mild, and the fact that he’s even questionable to return means that the injury is probably not serious.

Hopefully that’s the case, because Pat Beverley is an absolutely crucial piece to this Clippers roster. They have had a singularly poor record in games without Beverley over the past couple years, and it’s because his defense, shooting, and energy is irreplaceable. He’s a leader on this team, and is respected by everyone on the squad, from the superstars to the rookies. Any absence by him will cost the Clippers dearly.

Pat Beverley might be questionable with an injury, but the Clippers are still playing, so go over and check out the game on NBA TV or Fox Sports Prime Ticket if you haven’t already!


  • Avatar chogokin says:

    Hope this is nothing major and that Doc is just being overly cautious, and also hoping that Bev recovers quickly. That game-winner by Booker doesn’t get off that cleanly if Bev is out there. Also I wasn’t able to watch live outside of the last minute or two, but goddamn that was a nice shot.

  • Avatar TheGreatestShowman says:

    Booker was double teamed by Kawhi and PG so Bev wouldn’t necessarily have mattered but he would have down the stretch. Reggie just can’t get stops.