A few days ago, it was reported that JaMychal Green would be heading to Orlando would occur today, July 12. Well, by Green’s own Instagram story, he is officially on his way.

With Green en route, and Kawhi arriving a couple days ago, the Clippers are finally approaching a full complement of players in Orlando. Ivica Zubac still has yet to report, and Landry Shamet of course has to test negative multiple times for COVID-19 before heading over, but it seems like everyone else is now present in the bubble. There’s been nothing to indicate that Zubac is dealing with anything serious, so it might just be a matter of logistics (or a family matter) that is delaying him. Shamet’s bout with COVID is more worrying, but again, reports have been positive so far, and the Clippers seem highly confident they will have all 15 players in Orlando.

As the Clippers slowly gather their strength, they will be able to orchestrate larger practices that better reflect Doc River’s true strategies and rotations in the postseason. JaMychal Green heading to Orlando is a big deal on this level, as he will probably have a sizable role to play in the months to come. This period before games restart is essentially a mini training camp, and it’s imperative that the Clippers have as many players as possible participate to regain some chemistry and hone their execution.

We will continue to keep posted on developments out of Orlando, but right now it seems as though shootarounds, workouts, and perhaps full practices have already commenced. The Clippers have begun posting some images from the practices, and video will probably be on its way at some point soon to provide even more tantalizing tidbits for fans. The Clippers’ first scrimmage in Orlando is just 10 days away – Clippers basketball is almost here at last.

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