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Trade Deadline

I just wanted to give a little blurb about all the people I do(n't) want at the trade deadline and why for my first forum
Note: I am doing this after listening to the podcast from TLTJTP so may opinions may be colored by their views.
Tristan Thompson: A quality center on an adequate contract that Cleveland would probably be willing to give up and has championship experience and would probably (hopefully) be available for the Harkless and a 2nd
Andre Iguodala: Another wing that could be a part of the closing lineups that would allow for a quality 8 man PO rotation as that final piece (Starting 5+Williams, Harrell and Shamet if Hark was moved)
Marvin Williams: A cheap stretch 4/5 player that would be a solid addition and could be gotten for little assets.

Dewayne Dedmon: I have seen an inordinate amount of Kings games, and based on his play I cannot imagine that Dedmon in any  scenario would endear himself any more to Doc Rivers than Zubac can. He can allegedly shoot, though it seems like he left that in Atlanta, and he's not someone that you can really play 20-25 min a game like Zubac is
Andre Drummond: Similar to Dedmon, there is no real value to adding Drummond at this 27 million dollar player option. this would mean more than the stereotypical Hark+Rome+filler and he just doesn't add as much value relative to the salary that we would need to give up

Not sure if the Kings are looking to move Bjelica but he sure does seem redundent for them so, save them some $$ this year and next, before they are taking a small hit on McG's 3rd year


Cleveland can do right by Thompson who has stated he wants out of Cle, by trading him WITH his bird rights to a team he wants to play for, keep in mind he has children that live in the LA area, so for him on a personal standpoint coming to LA would make sense, and as his bird rights come with, Clippers can go over the cap to keep him, I don't imagine him getting more then $10M/yr, coming off his $15M/yr contract that has frequently been called a bad contract

Yeah the Kings moving Bjelica wouldn't be suprising considering the massive frontcourt logjam and he definitely fits the mold of what the Clippers need

Whelp, Iggy's off the market.  I'm glad the Clips didn't swing a trade for him given how much he cost the Heat (Justise Winslow + James Johnson + extension).

Also on Tristan Thompson, I'd be fine w/ him, but kind of like Drummond, he doesn't have any particular skills (e.g. shooting, ballhandling) that the Clips desperately need.  He's a bit taller than Trez, and obviously better at defense, but not as skilled offensively, and he's not as much of a rim protector as Zu - essentially I look at his skillset as somewhere between Trez and Zu. 

I'd like some frontcourt help too, but more than that I actually just want Doc to stop playing Trez the entire 4th quarter.  Zu has shown that he's entirely capable out there, and has great chemistry w/ PG13 and Kawhi - why are we perpetually shoehorning Trez into the closing lineup even when it doesn't work?  If it takes a trade for a guy like Thompson to get Trez some rest in the 4th I guess I'll take it, but honestly I'd really just rather have Doc voluntarily play Zu more at the end of games rather than giving up assets to force him to.