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PatBev, LouWill, or MonTrez?

Who do you guys think should go? I understand the fact that this group of guys are tremendous, but as a team, they lack playmaking. In order to gain this, they need to at least let one of them go. I think Patrick Beverley should go. Don't get me wrong, PatBev is one of the most skillful and unique defenders I have ever seen, but I want to keep their bench duo intact. And someone else could take this new starting role. Who do you guys think Clippers should acquire this offseason?


I loved Lou/Trez when we were a plucky upstart team that was happy to take the loafing Warriors to 6 games, but it's pretty clear that that combination isn't gonna cut it at the highest level, so I absolutely don't want to keep that combination together going forward.

With that in mind, I'd let Trez walk or sign-and-trade him if that's possible - either way he's gone.  And I'm willing to trade either of Bev or Lou or both, as long as whoever the Clips get back represents an upgrade (e.g. Jrue Holiday) and/or a better fit for the team (e.g. Rubio). 


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Kaito Reen

I think Trez has to be gone, no matter what. It's easy to look around the league/FA pool and find a bunch of gettable guys who you'd trust more backing up Zubac in a playoff series. The RS offensive production will get made up for in other areas.

Lou and Bev both have their flaws but they also both have their strengths. I would actively look to upgrade the team's guard production but it may not be possible, and I wouldn't say either *has* to go for this team to have greater success next season.

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