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Marcus Morris

 I know that I'm not the only one who has come across this idea, but I think Marcus would have a better fit in the bench rather than the starting lineup. With the talent that Marcus has, I really don't think he'll be able to use his full abilities as a starter. They would not need anymore firepower and his defense With PG13 and Kawhi in the lineup, who would most definitely control the floor on both sides. They would be the first options and they're co-starters would be complementary to them. Ibaka, PatBev, and Batum are spot-up shooters and great defenders. Batum can even be a playmaker if needed. Defense wouldn't also be a problem. Everyone in the lineup(PatBev, PG13, Kawhi, Batum, Ibaka) would be tremendous in defense.

Marcus as a sixth-man or a bench player would most definitely be beneficial to the depth of their team. Marcus, with the Lou-Zu punch, and the Kennard playmaking, will be a dangerous lineup in the floor. Marcus can even the lead the charge with this lineup in defense with Zu and and help out in the offense with LouWill.

What do you guys think?


I think this makes sense... if you were building two 5-man lineups that didn't mix and needed to balance them.  As it is, Lue is clearly invested in doing some major staggering so the idea of "starting lineup" and "bench lineup" just isn't as relevant as it was under Doc, who would frequently play all-bench lineups for long stretches.  It will be more useful to see how Ty actually sets up his rotations and uses Morris when he's healthy, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's playing in not just the starting lineup but a bunch of hybrid lineups with some bench guys and some starters.  Ultimately he is the better player than Batum by a wide margin until Nic proves otherwise, so you want Marcus playing a heavy split of the minutes and it makes more sense for him to start and close games.

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Kaito Reen

The options are plenty and that is a good thing.

Currently, Bev-PG-Kawhi-Batum-Ibaka works both defensively and offensively.

I bet good money that Bev-PG-Kawhi-Morris-Ibaka would also work as last year Bev-PG-Kawhi-Morris-Zu was one of our best lineups.

However, everyone apart from Beverly would require a fair amount of shots, and that would be the issue to handle. Currently we are good at circulating the ball untill the best shot presents itself (with the exception of some Kawhi possesions). Batum has a lot of credit in this, as his passing and decision makingi is spot on.

Morris' ego may not handle the move to the bench well. A solution to this is to use PG instead who has had good chemistry with the second unit.

Bev-Kennard-Kawhi-Morris-Ibaka as starters and

Reggie-Lou-PG-Batum-Zu or Mann-Lou-PG-Batum-Zu or Reggie-Mann-PG-Batum-Zu for the 2nd unit.

All these are balanced beteween defense and offense and there is some tweaking for the second unit with 3 guard options for two spots.

But I would really like lineups that are adjusted to the opponent and the situation instead of rigid 1st/2nd unit structures (ala Doc).

Staggering PG and Kawhi is worth it as we will always have a leader on the floor and in essence they are both big protypical wings (SF mostly).

Just PG is a much better shooter which makes him suited for the SG spot.

And finally this does not mean that we need to avoid having both of them on the floor, on the contrary.

There will be plenty of demand for our best possible lineup.