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Jerome Robinson flourishing with Wizards

I'm glad he's playing better over there, though obviously I would've rather had him play like that while he was here (and he'd still be here if he did).  I don't think he'll ever live up to his draft spot, but hopefully he can at least show that he's an NBA-level rotation-worthy player.  Godspeed, Brock.

I think he flourishing due to the lack of expectations on the Wizards this year. With Wall out, DC is playing right around preaseason estimates of a 26 win campaign. I think he is less scared to make mistakes, which is ideal for a player trying to grown and adapt to the league, 

Yeah he isn't on a team that is championship or bust. His games aren't watched as much and not as much stress. So he plays better. 

at the time of that game winner, he was shooting like 36% from 3 for the Wizards, since then he's had 2 unspectacular games, and is now is only 30% from 3 and 36% from the field for the Wizards, not much better than he was shooting for the Clips.

I'm still hoping for the best for him, but this isn't suddenly an immediate turn-around now that he's on the Wizards.  He still hasn't made more than 1 3 in a game.  He still has a lot to figure out, and hopefully given a shot in the league to do so.    

JRob played 30 minutes, tonight against the Kings.  Was +22 in his time on the floor.  No one else on the team was more than +4, and the Wizards lost by 7.  Means the Wizards were -29 in the 18 minutes he didn't play?  Weird. 

Funny how most of the clippers that leave become better. SGA, arguably Danilo, CP3, JRob, Harris, Mike Scott

Quote from CLIPSCITY on March 4, 2020, 8:38 am

Funny how most of the clippers that leave become better. SGA, arguably Danilo, CP3, JRob, Harris, Mike Scott

??? most of those guys got worse when they left.  Gallo is pretty much the same, but his numbers are slightly down across the board.  Tobi never shot as well as he did with the Clips.  Mike Scott was good for them right after the trade, but has struggled to get the same playing time this season.  

SGA in his 2nd year, you'd assume would get better.  JRob the jury is still out on.  He's had like 2 good games for the Wizards. 

hmm I guess so. My bad. There's just so much hype around these guys it just seems like they are doing well.

Brock is AWESOME! Going to become just a successful in this league as Reggie Bullock!

Get 'em Brock! His game is rock solid 🙂 pun intended!