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How Is Everybody Watching the games?


just curious how everyone is watching the games? I used to have Sling TV but I think they no longer carry Prime Ticket, I'm thinking about getting Hulu Live. Anybody know if Hulu Live is good or any other options? Go Clips! and Thanks for the new site=)

YouTube TV is great but I heard they just raised their rate.  I use cable in LA, cable for national games + league pass for local games when I'm in NY.  NBATV games while I'm in NY have always been a huge annoyance, but it looks like you can stream NBATV from for $20/year now, which is a pretty good deal, so if I end up out of LA again I'll probably go that route.

I used to subscribe to cable TV through Cox Communications, but they kept raising their rates so I switched over to AT&T U-Verse TV which uses WiFi - it isn't nearly as reliable as Cox was, but it was like half the price, and I still get Prime Ticket and NBA TV so it's good enough for me.