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Forum Utility

Hey everyone,

I wanted to throw out there for discussion whether folks think the forum tool has any utility, or perhaps what changes could be made that would inspire its use.  At the moment, I'm pretty much just checking in once a day to clean out spam but the conversation seems to have fully settled on the front page, especially with game threads which were one of the primary uses this forum had.

If folks want to use this tool, I'm happy to have it here, but if it isn't useful then we might eliminate it in a future update.


I like the forum's functionality, and I'd like to have discussions on the forum...unfortunately it just looks like not many people agree w/ that sentiment, as all the activity is just in the comment threads on the FP.  Might be useful to keep the forums around in case any bugs/issues pop up, but now that the site seems to be up and running smoothly, even those seem to have (thankfully) dried up, and plus we could always message you guys through Patreon anyways.