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Daniel Oturu?

So, after Jamychal Green left and the other one(you guys know who it is. Don't want to invoke his wretched name.), what do you guys think about Oturu? Yeah we got Ibaka, but how do you think will Oturu develop? With Atkinson on the staff, I'm pretty confident about the potential they can unlock. What do you guys think?

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Honestly I haven't seen any of his game film, but I haven't been encouraged by what I've seen from what the writers here and elsewhere have been saying about him - seems like there were a lot of other prospects available there that are more in line with the modern NBA game.  Also from just a positional standpoint, I do know that we didn't need another young, raw C - w/ Maledon available I would've rather taken him.

All that being said, going forward I saw someone mentioned Mo Speights as a comparison, which seems apt - if he winds up as another Mo I'd be happy with that from a skills-perspective, but ultimately it just feels like we shouldn't have had to give up future assets and trade up to get him.

>another Mo

We already have another guy whose upside is Mo Speights, which is frustrating.

Either way, the Clippers can't burn another roster spot on a C, so Oturu and Fi will be competing for garbage/emergency time at C (actually, they'll probably play together at the 4/5 in garbage time, but if Zu or Ibaka misses any time then one of those guys is gonna need to play 12 minutes in a backup role)