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Commenting functionality

Just curious if there's a way to incorporate some of the functionality from commenting here in the forum into the comments on articles/editorials?  For example, is there any way we could attach pictures/gifs to our comments for the articles/editorials?  Or is keeping the comments on the articles/editorials as text a conscious decision (e.g. to keep the comments sections meme-free)?


Thanks and keep up the good work, guys; I've been loving all the content on here since the re-start.

Toying around with this a bit.  Our comments section and our forum section are two separate third-party programs, so we don't have as much control as we'd like.  Building a custom commenting platform for the articles is on the long-term wishlist.

It looks like you can link to a tweet in the comments and it will automatically hyperlink.  You can also use <code> and </code> before and after a twitter embed code to make the tweet be embedded--although if you look at my test comment on the game recap you'll see that it doesn't look great.

To add an image, post your comment and then click "edit," and in the back-end comment editing page you're able to link to an image by clicking "img" and posting the link in the pop-up box and it will appear in your comment. Not sure how consistently this will work for gifs. It's an extra click but it's still pretty easy.

Nice, thanks for the feedback - expect to see some mangled looking comments/images from me in the future then while I experiment lol

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Lucas Hann

Looking forward to it--I'm not exactly a whiz with these commenting platforms either, so we'll all be learning the tricks together!

To add an image, post your comment and then click "edit," and in the back-end comment editing page 

So I can edit my comments here in the forum, but I don't have an "edit" button for the comments I make on articles - the only button I have is "reply."