The Clippers announced today that they’ve waived Nate Darling, who they signed to a two-way deal last week, and Law Murray of the Athletic has said they will sign Keaton Wallace instead. Per Murray, Wallace has gained interest outside the Clippers’ org recently, so they moved to lock him up.

Keaton Wallace, much like Darling, has been an Agua Caliente/Ontario Clippers staple after going undrafted in 2021. Keaton was also on the 2022 Clippers’ Summer League team. In the past two seasons in the G-League, across 50 games played, Wallace is averaging around 43% for three, albeit on 4.6 attempts per game – much fewer than the gunning Darling. Wallace offers a solid enough overall game as a ballhandling guard, averaging 3.8 assists per game to 1.9 turnovers, and also contributing 3.9 rebounds per game this season. At 6’3, Keaton isn’t short, though he is fairly skinny at 185 pounds, which means defense against larger and more physical NBA players could be a struggle.

Turning 24 years old next week Keaton isn’t exactly young, but there’s definitely further development to be had, and he’s already proven himself a very good G-League player. Welcome to the LA Clippers, Keaton Wallace!

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