The Clippers lost their first Summer League match 105-99 to the Utah Jazz, and trailed almost the entire way. However, outcomes don’t really matter in Summer League – at least for viewers – so let’s get right into player notes.

Jason Preston

By the boxscore, Preston had a pretty good game, scoring 15 points on 6-10 shooting (2-6 from three) and dishing 10 assists while turning the ball over four times. And certainly, his passing and playmaking are legitimate. However, he’s still not as aggressive in hunting for his shot as I’d like, and continues to make a living off of jumpers and floaters. If he can’t break down defenses semi-regularly and get into the paint, he probably isn’t an NBA player, even with his passing and catch-and-shoot three-point shot.

Moussa Diabate

Moussa stood out as a bit more of a clear positive, scoring 11 points on 5-10 shooting and grabbing 12 rebounds in just 24 minutes. In particular, his offensive rebounding continues to pop, as he grabbed six offensive boards against a much larger Jazz team. I wish he was stronger in going up with those second chance opportunities, or quicker in making passes out to open shooters, but it’s still an impressive skill. I also thought Moussa looked better than ever guarding the perimeter when switched out to smaller guys.

Kobe Brown

In his first taste of NBA-adjacent action, Kobe Brown scored 11 points on 4-11 shooting (1-4 from three) and brought in nine rebounds in 29 minutes. Most of his points were scored off bully-ball in the post, which is not something I’d expect to work in the NBA much except on switches. However, his rebounding was nice, he had a couple solid passes, and I liked his willingness to take threes. The defense will be an issue – it was clear that his feet are not the quickest, and that he’ll struggle on the perimeter on that end.

Jordan Miller

Of any of the Clippers’ youngsters, Miller most looked like an “NBA player” to me. His numbers were actually the least impressive, with 12 points on 5-10 shooting (2-4 from three, 0-2 from the line), but he also chipped in four rebounds and four assists in his 24 minutes, and also notably had zero turnovers. Miller looked comfortable-enough taking NBA threes off the catch, made a couple gorgeous cuts, and generally just seemed like he belonged out there. I’d like to see how his defense looks man-to-man rather than in a zone, but I was impressed with how he did a bunch of little things out there.

Xavier Moon

Moon has almost nothing to prove in Summer League, and my opinion of the veteran 28-year-old has not changed. Still, it was an impressive outing from Moon, who looked in control the entire game and picked his spots before erupting for 21 of his 26 points in the 4th quarter. He won’t go 6-8 from three regularly, but Moon’s experience and overall competence were on display.

The Other Guys

The Clippers played Matt Morgan, Brodric Thomas, Jordan Bowden, and Bryson Williams off the bench in this one. Morgan is one of the players I was most looking out for, and while he had some rough turnovers and defense, his ability to launch threes was on full display (2-6 from deep in 23 minutes) as was his speed in transition (14 points overall and made all four of his two-pointers). He was playing off-guard next to Moon or Preston, and his lack of size makes him a tough guy to play next to another small guard, but the quickness and shooting combination is interesting. Thomas and Bowden missed all nine of their combined shots – seven from three – but neither stood out as particularly bad, just a cold shooting night. Williams had a couple big dunks and was solid on the glass, but didn’t make an impact otherwise.

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