In the first piece of real Clippers’ news in a while, the team announced today that they signed rookie Jordan Miller to a two-way deal.

Jordan Miller, the 48th pick in the draft, seemed like a likely two-way option for the Clippers from the moment they drafted him, especially with there now being three of the two-way deals available. At 23 years old, Miller seemed like more of a “ready now” pick, but the Clippers simply don’t have room for another regular roster player. It’s possible this deal was completed so late because his agent wanted a full roster deal (maybe upon a Harden trade), but ultimately a two-way always made the most sense. Per Law Murray of the Athletic, the deal is for two years, which keeps him under cost control for longer but also guarantees Miller more money – a win-win.

Miller played the entirety of the 2023 Las Vegas Summer League, and while he wasn’t outright bad, he faded into the background a lot and did not look very comfortable on offense. All of that means he will likely spend just about the entirety of the 2024 season down in Ontario with the Clippers’ G-League team, receiving time on the regular team only in case of severe injury issues or gaps in the G-League calendar.

The Clippers’ roster, barring a trade, is now just about full. Jordan Miller and Moussa Diabate will fill two of the team’s two-way slots, leaving one open for a training camp invite or another fringe player. The “main” roster still has 16 players on it, which will need to be trimmed to 15 by opening night.

If a Harden trade or another big deal doesn’t happen, it’s possible the Clippers’ only remaining move is to waive Jason Preston to get down to that 15 number. However, some of Marcus Morris’ social media activity indicate his desire to move on as soon as possible, so I figure it’s likely he’s gone one way or another as well.

Welcome to the Clippers, for real, Jordan Miller, and congratulations to him on the two-way deal, which while not generational money, is up significantly from its origins a half-decade ago.

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