One of the last moments of excitement before the true dog days of the NBA offseason hits occurred today with the release of the NBA schedule. There’s not really too much to say about the schedule, but below are some key facts/figures on the Clippers’ 2021-2022 schedule to note.

Key Information

National TV: The Clippers play 15 national tv (ESPN, TNT, or ABC) games this season, with 6 on ESPN and 9 on TNT. They additionally have 12 games on NBA TV, though those matchups are always far more flexible in terms of re-adjusting and flexing as the season goes along.

Back to Backs: The Clippers have 14 back to backs this year, the most common number for teams in the NBA. Only four teams have more, and only 12 teams have less. As always with West Coast teams, the Clippers will be traveling more than their East Coast counterparts, as the Eastern and Midwestern cities are much more closely clustered.

Five in Seven Killers: However, the Clippers do have four different “five game in seven night” stints, the most in the NBA. These stretches are absolute killers, with the last couple games basically schedule losses due to exhaustion. Those are stretches where we could see veterans such as Paul George sit at least one game to preserve legs and mitigate the chances of injury.

Starting Light: The Clippers’ schedule through the first couple months of the season isn’t bad. They play Minnesota three times, Sacramento and San Antonio multiple times, OKC twice, and Orlando and Detroit once. The Spurs and Kings might be ok, but those should all be games the Clippers are heavily favored in. After Christmas, however, the schedule gets significantly harder. Fortunately, the Clippers might get Kawhi Leonard back at some point over the second half of the season, which would greatly increase their chances of winning some of their tougher matchups.

Let us know your thoughts on the Clippers’ 2021-2022 schedule below!

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