The LA Clippers looked competent (enough) and ended their two-game skid in Portland with the help of hot shooting. Check out the details below:

Game Summary

The Clippers took their time before finally pulling away in the second and their quarters. After one frame, the Clippers found themselves down one to Portland. But it was clear from the beginning that the Clippers were poised to have a nice night from the field, as they shot 52% in the first quarter, which turned out to be to be their final grade.

Specifically, in the first half, James Harden hit five of his seven three point attempts, with Paul George adding two of his own. Then, in the third quarter, Kawhi took the baton. Unfortunately, George and Harden ended up playing big minutes, though the Clippers won comfortably in the end. Really, the game was fairly simple. As Rob put it in the preview, the Clippers just had to win—no matter how it looked. In the notes below, we have some interesting nuggets to discuss.


Bones Got Benched: Bones Hyland played four minutes in the first half and just three more in the second. Specifically, he entered the game with three minutes left in the first quarter and then was replaced by Brandon Boston, Jr. just one minute into the second quarter. He would not return until garage time, with the Clippers up 18. His third quarter shift was taken by Boston, who finished the game with nine points in 23 minutes on 4/9 shooting. Xavier Moon even got time in the fourth quarter before Bones was brought back.

Since the Chicago game last week, Bones has shot 4/17 from the field and 1/13 from three (including tonight). He also has eight turnovers to seven assists over those three games. What’s more, he is not passing the eye-test. His shot selection has been suspect and his passing erratic. With Norman Powell and Terance Mann out tonight, Bones had an opportunity to contribute, but did not make anything out of it. With the Clippers flirting with falling to the fifth seed, it is unlikely that he will get many more chances.

Kawhi’s Hand: During the third quarter, Kawhi started to noticeably flex his left hand, as if it was bothering him. It turned out that his hand got caught while he was going around a screen. After the game, Ty Lue said his hand was OK, but we will have to see how he feels between now and Friday.

Standings Watch: The Clippers are only one loss ahead of the Pelicans, who have won eight of their last ten. The Pelicans next seven games are the following: on the road in Orlando, Miami, Detroit, and then home against the Thunder, Bucks, Celtics, and Suns. That is a relatively tough schedule, though the Clippers have to keep winning regardless. There is some slight hope the Clippers could move up, as they are three games in the loss column behind the Timberwolves (who are down an All Star), but that is less likely.

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