If the Timberwolves game didn’t deserve much of a recap due to the effort the Clippers put out, this one deserves even less for the product that the Cavs had on the court tonight. The Cavs are really bad even in the best of times, and tonight they absolutely folded once the Clippers got out to a double-digit lead in the first quarter. By the mid-2nd quarter they were barely even trying, and the Clippers continued to pour it on all game long. The regular rotation played the entirety of the third quarter, but the game was already over, and the last period was simply extended garbage time. The Clippers played quite well, for sure, but the end score of 133-92 had much more to do with the Cavs’ atrociousness than the Clippers’ excellence.


Marcus Morris Makes Clips Debut: We saw the good and the bad from Morris right away. He scored 10 points on 12 shots, more shots than Moe Harkless has probably taken in a single game all year, and actively created offense out of the pick and roll. That aggression and shot creation is a good thing. However, most of those shots and points came from mid-range isolation or bully-ball in the post, and neither of those are particularly efficient attempts. Worse, Morris is less willing of a passer than Kawhi or even Paul George, so those isolations rarely result in easier looks for teammates. Defensively, Morris was pretty solid, though he did lose three-point shooters a couple times behind the arc. Overall, a nice debut, albeit against a dreadful opponent.

Amir Coffey Enters Rotation: With Pat Beverley and Kawhi Leonard out, someone had to fill the former Jerome Robinson spot 10th man minutes, and tonight, that player was two-way rookie Amir Coffey. Coffey actually played quite well in 25 minutes, running the floor hard in transition, defending smartly and with effort, and doing little things such as setting screens. It was, in fact, a more complete performance than all but a handful that the Clippers had received from Jerome over the past two seasons, and while again the “Cavs caveat” must be mentioned, it was a promising performance from Amir.

PG Looks Sharp: While Paul George has played well since returning from injury a few games ago, his shot hadn’t necessarily been falling. Tonight, it was, and how sweet a sight it was for Clippers fans. PG torched the Cavs all over the court, mercilessly draining stepbacks from tough angles to bury the Cavs. George hasn’t really shot the ball all that great since his first few weeks of the season, and if he could get back on track down the stretch, it would be a huge boon for the Clippers in their push for postseason positioning.

Next up, the Clippers take on the Sixers in Philadelphia on TNT on Tuesday night. Despite the Sixers’ struggles this season, they’ve been monstrously good at home, and are a very tough matchup for the Clips. That one should be much, much more entertaining than the glorified scrimmage we saw tonight.

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