We are at the part of the NBA calendar where news is extremely sparse and mostly related to coaching changes and the odd two-way deal. Unfortunately, the Clippers had a bit of news come up yesterday that was much less welcome – Amir Coffey getting arrested for a firearms misdemeanor in Hollywood.

The Clippers have said that they are aware of the situation and are looking into it. It’s quite possible nothing happens on their end, or that they fine him or give him some kind of internal penalty like a suspension.

It’s also possible that the NBA itself sanctions Coffey, as they take all firearms related offenses seriously, especially after the Ja Morant situation.

I wouldn’t expect anything major to come of Amir Coffey being arrested for this issue, but it is a disappointing piece of news for a player who has quite a few fans in Los Angeles. Hopefully nothing else along thee lines happens this summer.

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