The last day of the 2023 NBA All Star weekend is here, and with it, the main event, the All Star Game itself. However, there are other activities to watch before then, so here’s a quick rundown:

NBA Legends Awards, 1:00 PM ET on NBA TV: This is something the NBA has instituted recently as a way of honoring former NBA players who are continuing positive work inside and outside of basketball. Here’s a look at last season’s award winners.

NBA G League Next Up Game, 3:00 PM ET on NBA TV: This is essentially the G-League equivalent of the All-Star game mixed in a bit with rising stars. Th game focuses more on younger G-League guys who are more likely to become NBA players, and has two teams led by Luka Garza and Scoot Henderson. Scoot by himself is a reason to watch, but honestly, these teams are pretty stacked with college legends and guys who have already played a bit in the league.

All Star Game Tip-Off Pregame Show, 6:00 PM ET on TNT: This is exactly what it sounds like, I’m guessing. No basketball will be played, jokes will be made, bad opinions will be shared.

All Star Draft, 7:30 PM ET on TNT: Some people have really enjoyed the “All Star Draft” over the past couple years, so the NBA has moved it to prominence by having it right before the game. Giannis and LeBron will choose their squads starting with reserves, and then starters. Maybe there’s some drama, who knows. For Clippers fans, my guess is the highly respected Paul George will be drafted earlier than later.

All-Star Game, 8:30 PM ET on TNT: This is it, the big game. The use of ELAM endings the past few years has made the games slightly more competitive, if you’re into that sort of thing. Otherwise, you know what you’re getting – lots of dunks, little to no defense until the final few minutes.

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