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Suggestions to improve site

On many pages, the following text displays instead of social media icons: [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS]. This text should not be visible.

On page, why is there a photo of Harrell and not Noah?

Logged in on any page, I click either the 213 Hoops logo in the upper left-hand corner or the 213 Hoops logo at the bottom to return to the home page. Once there, red button inexplicably changes from “Logout” to “Login.” I think, “Why am I now logged out?” From there, clicking any button in the strip of six links -- Podcasts - Game Coverage - Editorials - News - Forum - About Us -- changes red button back to “Logout.” I think, “But I thought I was logged out?” Basic link-checking is needed.

By the way, red buttons should say “Log in” and “Log out” (two words), not “Login” and “Logout.” “Login”/”Logout” are not verbs, but appear on many websites because programmers ignorant of English grammar have been given free rein. Don’t encourage them.

I’m just happy that I’m finally able to log in again!